Largest Nazi March in Years in Cologne, Germany, Using ISIL Terror to Recruit; Cops Let them Attack Antifa

Over 4,000 nazis organized a march to promote their ideology in Cologne, using ISIL terror as motivation to gather more supporters for “white christian Europe”. It was the biggest nazi rally in years in Germany. They attacked people and anti-fascists counter-protesting to warn against them using ISIL extremism so they can inflict their terror on non-whites in Europe. Initially there were 3,000 nazis, their number grew as cops allowed them attack antifascists, who gathered in a counter-demonstration to oppose them spreading their ideology. Even after the nazis attacked cops too, the riot police still went after the antifascists who were beaten by nazis, investigating them, trying to intimidate them. Basically cops criminalized the victims of the nazis, because they were standing against fascism. This speaks volumes about the role of the cops in allowing extremism raise. Even with thousands of nazis on the streets, mainstream media still covered up for them, hiding their ideology and presenting them as simple “hoolingans”, and lying cops kept their violence “under control”.
 :   Such lousy reporting! Nothing is under control. Massive violence, Hitler and Nazi greetings bands. Shame on you!
 : Claims that hooligans doing the Hitler salute and shouting “foreigners out” are “apolitical”; (that they are) not Nazis.” Unbelievable what & co did there. 
This video shows nazis chanting nazi slogans marching, it shows how many they were, which in itself is a further indictment of the police tolerance towards them, and it speaks of the state’s political position towards these nazis. It’s not that cops are not enough, when antifascists take it to the streets, cops are massively deployed against them. We share this video to raise awareness towards the growing nazi presence; tolerating or covering this up, as msm are doing, is simply irresponsible. Nazis are to march again in Berlin on November 9, they plan to start “a revolution“. Antifascists will organize against them.

Nazis rioted for hours; and in the evening lots of ambulances were sent at main train station. Nazis again and again attacked people, and many were injured. Cops were also wounded. One journalist from the mainstream newspaper TAZ was also injured.
Anti-fascists stood by kurds demonstrating against ISIL terror and calling on Turkey to stop supporting their massacres against Kobane.

Train station was closed down after nazis got out of the control of the police, who harassed antifascists instead. pic @eisbrecherwtal

“Neo-Nazis, racists and right-wing populists use the justified anger against Salafists specifically to spread their ideology.” Read here more, Cologne on the road against Nazis, hooligans and Salafism

 Nazis planned to gather 1,500 at their march, twice as many came up from all over Germany; in the front of the march were nazis from Hamburg:
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Though cops knew this, and knew how many nazis will show up, they deployed just 1,000 to riot police. To get an idea, against the 40 refugee strikers in Berlin earlier this year, cops deployed 900 at first, then double, armed with machine guns.
Video from the start of the nazi march:

This video shows nazis starting to put masks on their faces. Usually antifascists would be dragged into police vans and get arrested for that, but in these images cops look at the nazis and move no finger.

26.10.14: Nazi-Hool-Angriff auf Anwohnerinnen in Köln from Matthias Rotbaum on Vimeo.

[UPDATES from the antifascists second demonstration during the evening: After the nazis’ march, rally and riots, antifascists gathered in a spontaneous demonstration against he nazi violence, which has been openly tolerated by the riot police, earlier in the day. The contrast between the police presence at the antifa demo and that during the nazis’ day march could not be more visible. Numerous forces of police were deployed against the antifascists to intimidate them.
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Earlier in the day, during the march of the nazis: 



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1,500 antifa, together with kurds, knew this and they mobilized against the nazis promoting their ideology. Cops allowed nazis to break their chains so they can go after the antifascists. Nazis attacked people whom they confused with antifascists; these people were bystanders. Cops stood by and watched.
Then it got worse, as nazis became increasingly violent and managed to attack antifascists. Cops pretended to try to stop them and used water cannons which proved useless since the nazis got out of any control. However, cops did not go after the nazis, but after their victims; they identified and harassed antifascists who were attacked by nazis. Riot police let nazis who attacked antifascists leave.
nazis de
B04iPrXCcAEn8FRNazis charged people on the side opposing them several times; at one point cops retreated and did not even try to stop nazis attacks.
In a couple of hours the number of antifascists got to 2,000 opposing 3,000 nazis while being harassed by riot police. One journalist was beaten by nazis, and some media warned that there are not enough police to stop the nazis. Some nazis threw bottles and stones at cops. Cops announced on their sound system that they will not kettle the nazis. A few minutes later nazis attacked the cops again. Cops even asked (and received) assistance of a private security company. That’s illegal but they did that after they lost control.
They used this rally to keep speeches about “The European National Movement”; or “the Europe of nations” – the Ukrainian reconquista – which is also the aim of the nazis in Ukraine, who are backed by the western government. Nazis exposed anti-Semetic and other nazi symbols and messages during their demonstration. All far right in Europe – Italy, France, UK, Spain etc – endorse the same project, a white christian Europe of nations, a white supremacy Europe built against social justice and enforcing brutal racism and discrimination of non-whites to help capitalists crush working class solidarity and attack workers more vehemently. Same intentions they have with Russia; Russian nazis from Russia are fighting with Kyiv-backed Azov against the resistance in eastern Ukraine, on the same ideological and political motivation as the nazis who marched in Cologne today.

Mainstream media is complicit with authorities in covering up the nazi menace as they were in Ukraine. Although a well known Nazi band, “Kategorie C”, played at the nazi gathering and the “who is who” of German nazis are all there, several mainstream media outlets lie that these are only hooligans and claim that they are not political. MSM menti0n nothing about the dangerous alliance between Nazis and Football hooligans that started a while ago, just like in Ukraine, msm use the football ultras to cover up for the nazis they are associated with and who control them.

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Nazis riot at train station, police used pepper spray and water canon. pic @SoliDavidwache

Again and again Nazis tried to get to the gathering of antifascists and Kurdish groups. Though they beat people, police allowed several large groups of nazis and hooligans to keep marching in Cologne now. In front of the Cologne train station, nazis attacked even a police van. Nazis marched in front of water canons at the Rhine (river); they were also behind it. Some large groups of nazis have attacked people in parks and others are on their way to the Dom (Cathedral). This happened after cops retreated; they got backed and pretended they try to stop the nazis. While cops were back, Nazis attacked a Chinese restaurant at Ebertplatz, chanting “Foreigners out!”
As the nazis’ violence grew, the main train station in Cologne was closed down, and trains were blocked from leaving or coming in.
“Does the West care about ISIL’s specific crimes or is it mostly outraged that Muslims are committing them?
There are groups more depraved than ISIL,” read AlJazeera report about them, here

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