LAPD on Shooting of Ezell Ford: Dash Cam Missing, Officers Weren’t Wearing Lapel Cameras


Photo: Justice 4 Fords

The Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that the officers who on August 11th, shot Ezell Ford – an unarmed and mentally disabled black man – did not have a dash cam installed on their car, and were not wearing lapel cameras.

Ezell was the subject of an “investigative stop,” conducted by the LAPD. Multiple witnesses say that at the time of the shooting, Ezell was lying on the ground and complying with officers. The two officers involved in the shooting claim that Ezell tried to tackle one of them, and reached for their weapon.

Multiple demonstrations have been planned in support of the Ford family, who have set up a Facebook page called Justice 4 Fords.



You can find the Facebook event page for tomorrow hereand for the event this Sunday here.

@PMBeers will livestream both events, and livetweets will be available on Sunday from @acsacollective

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