LAPD Shoot Unarmed Man Cause He Had a Towel on His Arm -GRAPHIC



UPDATE  Walter DeLeon has been identified by the Los Angeles Police Department, Monday as the victim in last Saturday’s officer involved shooting. DeLeon remains hospitalized in critical condition as of Monday 22nd.

In the police statement LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said DeLeon, who had his hand wrapped in a gray cloth, flagged down two police officers who were sitting in stalled traffic around 6:30 p.m. “At some point he approached their car, held his hands together and pointed his hands at our officers,” Smith said. “They ordered him to comply and he refused to comply with their orders, and an officer-involved shooting occurred.”

LAPD suggest that the motive for DeLeon’s action was a ‘suicide by cop’. Prompting  DeLeon’s family to have to contact NBC4 to deny any attempts to commit suicide. Walter DeLeon’s sister called to say her brother wouldn’t hurt anyone and that “if he was flagging down cops, it was for a legit reason.”

Original report  Los Angeles – LAPD shot and critically injured a man who flagged them down after he raised an arm he had wrapped in a towel toward officers Friday in Los Feliz, police said.

Police said officers thought the man had a gun but turned out to be unarmed.

The man flagged down officers about 6:35 p.m. at Los Feliz Boulevard and Tica Drive south of Griffith Park, according to a police account. The mans name and the reason he flagged down police have not been released by LAPD

“This person extended an arm wrapped in a towel. The officer exited the vehicle and said, ‘Drop the gun, drop the gun,'” LAPD Lt. John Jenal said.

At that point at least one officer shot the man, officials say. He was taken to a hospital where he was listed in critical condition.

Several people who were driving on Los Feliz Blvd witnessed the brutal aftermath of the shooting.  (Content below is VERY GRAPHIC)

The videos show the man laying face down in the grass with a large amount of blood from his head. The two officers involved then begin to handcuff the critically injured man and roll his limp body over onto his back. It is beyond belief at why this unarmed man was handcuffed after the police on scene knew they had just shot him for no justified reason other than they were scared because the man had a towel around his arm.

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