LAPD Kill Man For Breaking Their Window with 40 oz. Beer


Two unidentified Los Angeles Police officers shot a man to death for hurling a 40 oz. beer bottle at their car today. Apparently, they mistook his beer bottle for a bullet.

LAPD has killed four people in the last two months.

The man, whose name has not been released, was shot an unknown number of times over what was possibly a drunken mistake.

The police say they believed they were under fire… no police injuries were reported.

L.A. Times reports via LAPD officials that “Fearing they were under fire, the officers bailed out of the cruiser and fired their own guns at a nearby man they believed was responsible.”

Craig Lally, president of the Los Angeles Police Protective League (an LA police union) blamed the incident on a ‘heightened alert’ due to recent attacks on police which he says has left officers “on edge.” 

This disturbing incident has very few details so far, but it appears as though these cops rolled out of the car rambo style, and mowed down an unarmed man.

Police reports neglect to mention any interaction between the officers and the suspect, other then the fact that the officers immediately opened fire. 

We have yet to hear of any witness statements or further information, check back later for updates.


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