LA Deputies Shoot and Kill Black Man as He Crawls Away


Deputies from the Los Angeles County sheriff’s department shot an African-American man as he walked, and then crawled away on his belly yesterday in Lynwood.

Police unloaded their weapons into the man at around 11 am near a gas station at Magnolia Avenue and Long Beach Boulevard.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department says that the officers were responding to a call about a man who was firing a gun in the air. They did not clarify whether he was holding the gun when he was shot.

In the video, the police follow a man who appears to be walking away, when seemingly out of nowhere police begin to empty their clips, firing at least 12 shots as the man falls to the ground.

A small protest has already begun in Lynwood:

The LA Times interviewed a former Sheriff’s Department commander who says that if the suspect did have a gun, the officer’s use of force may be “justified” because “the incident took place on a busy street.” There will be a press conference at the “Hall of Justice” at 11 am regarding the incident. Stay tuned to @newsrevo on Twitter and check back with this article for updates on the protests and new information to follow. Unedited version – Graphic Warning


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