Kurdish Solidarity Rallies Against Turkish Aggression and Suruç Massacre


Turkish Kurdistan has been on fire over the past few days, as Kurds and members of the PKK have fiercely resisted violence from the Turkish state all over Kurdistan.

Protesters prepare to throw a molotov cocktail from a rooftop during clashes with Erdogan’s dictatorship tools in Istanbul. #Freedom #LibertyLions

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Clashes in the heart of Turkey, Istanbul. The revolution is unstoppable. #LibertyLions #Istanbul #YDG_H

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Originally, Turkish F-16s were supposed to attack ISIS, but re-routed some to Iraqi Kurdistan and hit PKK targets in the Qandil mountains. The PKK has officially ended it’s ceasefire agreement and Erdogan and AKP have promised to continue operations. They have also reportedly attacked YPG/YPJ, and even FSA (who Turkey and the US agreed to train in February) positions:

For the Media and Public Opinion

KOBANI, Rojava (July 26, 2015) – At 4:30 July 24 in western Kobani, the Turkish Army shelled the People’s Defense Units and the Free Syria Army’s positions in the village of Zormikhar in front of the terrorist-occupied town Jarabulus – using heavy tank fire. In this attack four fighters of the FSA and several local villagers were injured.

Today at 22:00, the Turkish army again shelled the same village with 7 tank rounds.

At 23:00, one of our vehicles came under heavy fire from the Turkish military east of Kobani (west of Tel Abyad) in the village of Til Findire.

Instead of targeting IS terrorists’ occupied positions, Turkish forces attack our defenders positions. This is not the right attitude. We urge Turkish leadership to halt this aggression and to follow international guidelines. We are telling the Turkish Army to stop shooting at our fighters and their positions.

General Command People’s Defense Units (YPG)

Kobani Command – July 26, 2015

Supporters responded with solidarity rallies all over the world with Kurdish people against the aggression and violence of the Turkish state and ISIS. The suicide bombing on July 20th in Suruç has also been a focal point in many rallies at the request of Anarchy Initiative, who made a call out for solidarity rallies to be held on July 26th.

Protestors have held demonstrations in various European capitals, Tel Aviv, and also in many US cities.

Rally in Tel Aviv Photo: Avi Blecherman

Tel Aviv, Israel
Photo: Avi Blecherman

San Francisco Source: It's going down

San Francisco, California
Source: It’s going down

Kansas City, Missouri rally Source: Revolution News

Kansas City, Missouri
Source: Revolution News

#Bulgaria #Sofia AFA and the Autonomous Workers’ Union protest in front of the Turkish embassy in the capital in…

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İtalya’dan Dayanışma / Solidarity From ItalyAncona’da bir grup anarşist, Suruç ile dayanışmak için Türk Konsolosluğu önüne pankart astı

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(Patra, Greece) “We do not forget our murdered brothers and sisters in Turkey. Solidarity to revolted Rojava (Anarchist collective “Disinios Ippos”)”.

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Amerika’dan Dayanışma / Solidarity From USA 26.07.2015New York’da, NYC Rojava Dayanışması, Anarşi İnisiyatifi’nin de ç…

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