Kosovo: Clashes Between Opposition Protesters and the Police


Photo: AFP

Kosovo – Tens of thousands of Opposition supporters holding an anti-government protest turned violent on Saturday in Pristina, the capital of Kosovo.

Protesters demanded the nullification of the Bruxelles agreement between Kosovo and Serbia that it about forming the Association/Community of Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo and the border. They have also demanded that Kosovo withdraws from the border agreement with Montenegro.  They also called for Prime minister Isa Mustafa’s removal and early elections.

Gathered protesters marched trough Pristina, stopping in front of the government and Parliament building.

Organizers of the protests, movement Self-determination, Alliance for Future of Kosovo and Initiative for Kosovo planned for the protests to be peaceful, but those plans were abandoned when a group of protesters started throwing Molotov’s cocktails and stones at the government building.

Clashes started after the leaders of the opposition called for protesters to disperse.

Al Jazeera Balkans reports that riot police used tear gas and dispersed the protesters in only two minutes.

Balkan Insight writes that BIRN reporters in Pristina recognized several members of Plisat football fan club, known for violence, among the protesters clashing with the police.

Kosovo police latter said that they have arrested 34 protesters on which they have found knives, Molotovs cocktails and masks. They also said that two citizens and journalist have been injured, along with the 34 police officers.

These protests are a continuation of a long political struggle in Kosovo between government and opposition. The central point of struggle is an agreement with Serbia concerning the Association/Community of Serb-majority municipalities in Kosovo.

In November last year, Kosovo Constitutional Court suspended the Agreement, while it determines does it violate the Constitution.

The goal of the talks between Kosovo and Serbia, supported by the European Union, is to ease the tensions between two sides, since Kosovo declared independence in 2008.


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