Knife and Car Attacks on Kurdish Rally’s in Germany and Switzerland Leave Many Injured


Two separate attacks on Kurdish rally’s today in Hannover, Germany and Bern, Switzerland have left one man who had his throat cut in stable condition after emergency surgery and about 20 others who were viciously run down by a car injured.

Kurdish solidarity rallies were being held today in protest of the ongoing nationalistic attacks in Turkey and the week-long curfew and blockade of the town of Cirze that left over 30 dead including 5 children.

As both attacks in Hannover and Bern happened in the last couple hours, details are still coming in. Here is what we know so far.

In Hannover, Germany a group of 6 Turkish nationalists attacked a 25yr-old man with knives slitting his throat. Hannover News outlet Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung reported that the victim of the knife attack is now stable after undergoing emergency surgery. A video posted by the Tobias Huch Facebook page shows the aftermath of the Hannover knife attack. (graphic warning) The men who attacked, fled the scene immediately and were not apprehended by police.

Tweet stating that the victim of the knife attack is in stable condition after emergency surgery.

In Bern, Switzerland at a Turkish rally and counter Kurdish rally it has been reported that a Turkish nationalist drove their car into a group of Kurds injuring 20. Two videos of the brutal attack have been posted to the facebook pages of Alevitische Jugend in NRW – BDAJ NRW and Kurdische Nachrichten Nûçe- News. In the first we see a group of people standing in the road around a car when another car enters the view and is seen plowing people over.

The second video shows the same incident from a different angle which captures the sheer brutality of the incident. (graphic warning) Unconfirmed images of the vehicle involved in the attack in Bern are beginning to surface on-line. It is also being reported that Swiss police have detained a number of people involved, yet the exact number and if they apprehended the driver is still unknown.  

Images of two of the injured of the car attack. Amazingly, there were no serious injuries reported.

We will be following both situations closely and update when we have more verifiable details.

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