KKK Stab Multiple Counter Protestors in Anaheim


Three people were stabbed, at least two of them counter protestors, during a KKK rally today at Pearson Park in Anaheim, California.

According to the OC Weekly, when the KKK arrived their vehicle was swarmed by counter-protestors – although the violence was started by the KKK. Protestors beat back the Klan, who used an American flagpole as a spear to attack activists. Their car was smashed by the counter-protestors, and they were run off from the scene.

The KKK member wearing a “grand dragon” shirt (possibly Bill Quigg) got left behind and was beaten severely. Only after all of this did the police intervene.

Multiple people have been arrested, including the KKK member who claimed to have stabbed a man in “self defense.”


Several witnesses say the Klansmen used the end of a flag pole as a weapon against protestors, and also as the weapon used in one of the stabbings.

Protests went on throughout the day against the KKK, and the lack of police presence during the initial attacks.

Local activists from Anaheim reported that it was peaceful protestors who were stabbed by the KKK:

BREAKING: Terrorist group, KKK stabbed peaceful protesters

Posted by Anaheim Vlog on Saturday, February 27, 2016


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