Kiev Protest Against Austerity Imposed by Maidan Coup




Kiev: Workers against Austerity

In Kiev, the protests began against the regime of “austerity” imposed by the Government, which came to power during the “Maidan” coup. These antisocial measures were introduced, in particular, at the request of the EU and the IMF, with which the Ukrainian authorities have established close partnerships.

Action in June 28 in the Ukrainian capital, near the metro station “Arsenal” attracted about 200 demonstrators who demanded to abolish the increase in housing utility tariffs in Kiev, to provide social protection for low-income residents, and to improve the quality of public services. The demands include also include revision of all tariffs in order to reduce the costs of apparatus in the sphere of housing utilities ( The participants demanded that first the European salaries would be introduced, and only then it would be possible to talk about the European level of tariffs.

It is to remember that the tariffs in Ukraine are increased from 1 July: for water supply by an average of 84%, for wastewater (sewage) by 105%, for water consumption (water and sewage) – by 93%. (…).

Curiously, that protest action started June 28 is organized by verticalist trade union “Labor Solidarity”, which first supported the coup of Maidan and even now, lifting the state flag, called the new campaign of protests “Tariff Maidan”. However, the manifestation was a reflection of dissatisfaction with the policies of the authorities in the working population of Ukraine.

That’s how it is interpreted by the ultra-nationalists which play a first fiddle on the Maidan. They attacked the protesters violently. June 30 trade union “Solidarity Labor” circulated the following information:

“Today, at two o’clock the “Maidan Self-Defense” in amount of about 30 people attacked the “Tariff Maidan” located by Arsenalnaya metro station. During the attack, the “Maidan Self-Defense” kidnapped an activist of trade union “Labor solidarity”, who was taken to the bank of the Dnieper and at gunpoint was demanded to confess that he is a separatist. Failing his, the “Self-Defense” drove a trade union activist, a former Afghan war veteran, in the “Ukrainian house” where subjected him to torture, to confess that he is paid by Medvedchuk (a politician considered as Pro-Russian, — transl.). Becoming know later that the police became known whereabouts of the kidnapped activist, the “Self-defense” let him out of the “Ukrainian House “(…). The attackers destroyed also the tent of protesters. However, protesters intend to continue the action. July 2 at 9:30 they go to the rally in front of the Cabinet.

The responsability for the attack later claimed grouping “Self-Defense of Pechersk”. According to her spokesman Dmitry Tivetsky, the protest against the tariff increase is inappropriate. “The tents were full of loud slogans and fomented discontent of people in the already very difficult period for our country” – he said ( …) .

In other words, in opinion of ultra-rightists, a social protest is “harmful” exactly by the fact that it undermines the “national unity” between capitalists and workers, so important for the power holders in the situation of civil war in country. Not coincidentally, in late June in Kiev the nationalists held noisy gatherings and threatening, demanding the authorities to resume punitive operations in the east of Ukraine, which, ultimately, was done.

It should be noted that this is not the first attack of the Maidan ultra-rightists against union and social activists. June 25 militants of the “Right sector” attacked Kiev hotel “Tourist”, which hosted the congress of the Federation of Trade Unions. The entrance was guarding by the former veterans of Afghan war, some of them had stripes of territorial defense units of the Inner Ministry. They refused to pass inside the fighters of “Self Defense” and of “Right sector,” who required the participants of Congress to exclude members of the “Party of Regions” from the union. The representatives of the “Self-Defense” tried to persuade the guarders of entrance to the hotel, not to provoke the hassle and not “to create a show for Putin”. But security of Afghan war veterans agreed to miss only four people. A little later about 15 militants “Right sector” and about other 20 nationalists with yellow bands on their hands arrived. After standing under the building of the hotel, they have decided to break into – it broke down the door. In the skirmish, the pepper gas was used. Several dozen police officers in bullet-proof vests tried to prevent them. The Nationalists have been inside the building, and ruined furniture on the ground floor. They tried to barricade the glass door of sushi bar on the floor of the hotel, through which allegedly the delegates to the Congress of Trade Unions Federation had to leave. Then the door was broken. A fire emerged in the building, but it was localized thanks to using of fire extinguishers. Two fire trucks drove to the hotel. The Nationalists could not find the congress participants ( …)

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