Kenyan Muslims Protect Christians From Al-Shabaab Militants


Somali Islamist militant group Al-Shabaab attacked a bus in Kenya on Monday, killing two people, but the rest of non-Muslim passengers were saved by other Muslims in the bus.

Abdi Mohamud Abdi, a Muslim who was among the passengers in the attack in Mandera, northeast Kenya, told Reuters that more than 10 al Shabaab militants boarded the bus and began ordering Muslim passengers to split from Christians. They didn’t expect that the Muslim passengers would refuse.

Mohamud Abdi said that Muslim passengers gave some non-Muslims Islamic religious attire to wear in the bus, so terrorists couldn’t identify them.”The militants threatened to shoot us but we still refused and protected our brothers and sisters. Finally, they gave up and left but warned that they would be back”

His account was confirmed by the deputy county commissioner Julius Otieno. He confirmed that attackers tried to identify Muslims and non-Muslims and that Muslim passengers refused to participate.

Another confirmation came from the Mandera Governor Ali Roba who told Anadolu Agency that Muslims “stood with the Christians and dared the attackers to kill them all or leave”.

Last year, al-Shabaab militants attacked a bus bound for Nairobi executing 28 non-Muslims. Because of the terrorist threat, buses from Mandera are given police escorts, but Kenya Police spokesman Charles Owino said that the police escort had not happened in this case, because the bus had bypassed a police roadblock.

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