Kansas Police Shoot and Kill Unarmed 23yr Old John Quintero


Witnesses say “He had his arms up until he got tased, his arms went down to his side.” In contradiction to eyewitness statements Wichita Kansas police claim that after John Quintero was tased that he moved toward the male officer and reached for the officers waistband when he was then gunned down by the female officer who shot Quintero twice in the midsection.

“They got out of the vehicle ready to kill,” said Alina Quintero, a family spokeswoman and cousin of John Paul “Paulie” Quintero, who died at a hospital hours after the shooting Saturday.

B6joq5ZCEAAoJepIn a Kake.com interview one neighbor states he was outside and witnessed the brutal sequence of events leading up to the death of Quintero. Ted McAdams and his wife live in the unit behind the Quintero’s.  They ran outside after they heard screaming.

McAdams said that “When we got to the end of the driveway that the cops had that fella at gunpoint.” “They said that he was threatening the officers, I don’t believe he was,” says McAdams. “He was trying to talk to the male officer with compliance trying to tell him, I don’t know what all he was saying, but he wasn’t resisting or nothing like that from what I could see.”

McAdams says he couldn’t believe what followed. The male officer tased Quintero, but McAdams tells me he didn’t fall to the ground.

“He had his arms up until he got tased, his arms went down to his side.”

Police say Quintero then reached toward that officer’s waistband, something McAdams says he never saw. The female officer then fired two shots from her rifle.

McAdams stated “If he was told to do something, yeah he should’ve done it, but that officer had, to my advice and my suggestion, she shouldn’t have ever shot him.”

Quintero died a few hours later at the hospital. McAdams says he’s not alone in thinking this situation was taken too far.

“After that all the neighbors and I threw a little fit at the cops because I’ve got a wife and a newborn and the safety issue and not just that, the way the cops handled themselves.” McAdams told Kake.com.

“Everybody’s upset, angry, hurt,” Alina Quintero said in an interview with the Wichita Eagle

She said that as her cousin lay there critically injured, officers handcuffed him. “Like they didn’t care if he was bleeding to death, that he was nothing,” she said. “They treated him like he was not a human being. My aunt had to call the ambulance to make sure they got there fast.”

Alina Quintero wasn’t the only one critical of the shooting. Walt Chappell, a former state school board member from Wichita and vice chairman of the city’s Racial Profiling Advisory Board, said in a separate interview with Kansas.com Monday that it appeared that the officers in the Quintero’s shooting “made a conscious decision to escalate rather than de-escalate.”

The fact that the female officer walked up with a rifle “would indicate to me they were already loaded for bear,” Chappell said.

“You don’t go in ready to shoot first and ask questions later. There’s a lot of things you can do before you ever pull out a weapon.”

By ordering Quintero out of an SUV in front of the house, police caused a confrontation by making Quintero, who was reportedly under the influence, “further agitated,” Chappell said.

He also questioned some of the police account. “What does it mean, ‘He’s going for his waistband’?” Chappell said.

Alina Quintero said her cousin had grown up in San Antonio and moved to Wichita a few months ago. He had just begun a food-processing job. “He came here to start a better future,” she said.

He was known as “Paulie” in his large extended family, and he was the “goofy,” playful cousin who joined hide-and-seek games with his younger cousins, she said.

Now, she is helping to put fliers around town seeking donations for expenses related to his death, including possibly taking his remains back to San Antonio.

The fliers are headlined “Justice for John Paul” and say he was “gunned down by Wichita Police Department.” Donors can find information at www.gofundme.com/jpquintero.


The following information is a retraction and explanation concerning our earlier statements on the officer involved.

Our earlier statement “UPDATE: Officer who shot John Quintero has been Identified. 

Witnesses to the death of John Paul Quintero have identified a photograph of Wichita Police officer Elizabeth Martin as the officer who shot the unarmed 23 year-old. Martin is the same officer named in a lawsuit for fatally shooting Karen Jackson in July of 2012, where Martin and another officer claim Jackson approached them with a knife, despite the fact that Jackson was generally confined to a wheelchair and incapable of moving quickly.”

 UPDATE 2: Yesterday we were notified by the Daily Haze that they were aware that Kansas Exposed, our source for the above information about officer Martin was wrong in their statement implicating Elizabeth Martin as the Officer involved in the shooting death of John Paul Quintero. Daily Haze stated on their blog post that “An investigator for the DA contacted Kansas Exposed, and has said Martin was not the officer involved in the shooting.” and that “A person close to the Martin family contacted DailyHaze late Tuesday evening, to let us know Elizabeth was not on patrol Saturday night.”

We did also notice that Kansas Exposed had removed the article that we cited as a source for this information in the link below. Despite that, we made attempts to contact John Paul Quintero’s relatives ourselves and based on our experience, we were not immediately inclined to take a statement from the DA or a phone conversation with a family member of the officer in question as the truth and wished to continue to support what we believed was the word from the Quintero family. So we did not immediately remove or correct our statement regarding Elizabeth Martin’s involvement in John Paul Quintero’s shooting.

Moments ago we were notified by both a retraction printed in Kansas Exposed and the twitter account of Daily Haze stating that they had been in touch with the Quintero family at a vigil held tonight and that the Quintero family had stated that Elizabeth Martin was actually not the Officer involved.


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