Italian Police Attack Migrant Protest in Brescia


Anti-racism campaigners and migrants had gathered in Piazza Loggia, central Brescia for the third day, to protest the withholding of thousands of residence permits, which have not been forthcoming since 2012. During the period from 2012-to-2015 numerous migrants, who have been on the residence permit waiting list, had been detained.

Police charged protesters who were protesting in solidarity with undocumented migrants in Brescia, Monday. At least three people were injured in the clashes, including a 15-year-old who was reportedly struck in the head by a police-truncheon. Four more demonstrators were reportedly arrested in a day marked by violence in which the protesters also reportedly clashed with right-wing activists.

After the violence, a delegation including a local priest, was dispatched for a meeting with city’s deputy-Mayor Laura Castelletti in an attempt to defuse the situation.

Due to the law of Bossi-Fini, those immigrants who lost their jobs because of recession, lose as well their permit to stay in Italy. Thousands of unemployed immigrants are being labeled illegal because Questura di Brescia refuses to renew their work permit.

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Only in Brescia, 4000 applications out of 5000 have been reject for the legalization of 2012 (sanatoria 2012), after paying thousands euro. In the district of Brescia, 2000 families had an eviction order (they must leave their houses). Immigrants families are invited by municipal office (Comune) to go back to their country of origin, even if they have lived and worked here for many years.

It’s very hard to get a residence card, and immigrants are not treated as Italians; moreover they have to face the problem of health and housing (idoneità di alloggio). It’s a very serious social emergency.

The call that went out to begin Saturdays protest and encampment.
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