Ishpeming MI: One Dog, Zero Answers #JusticeForTank


Ishpeming, Michigan: With more questions remaining than answers, Mark Granlund demands justice for his Pit Bull Tank. Tank died four days after he was returned to his owner.

This tragedy happened after Ishpeming Police Department held his dog in custody for six days in what has been described as a filthy and unsanitary kennel. This kennel is blocked to public access and is reported to be unavailable for public viewing.

192Mark and Melissa say goodbye…Tanks last breath.

“This was Tanks last breaths before he got put down. He was unlawfully taken from my property by the Ishpeming Police. Tank was a VERY loving, caring sweet dog. And after I called the police department to find out where my dog is. The officer hung up on me, I called again, & he rudely told me “my f****ng dog will be at UPAWS in a week.” They wouldn’t release any information about where my dog was. So I wait a week, I went to UPAWS & they were so nice to me. They couldn’t believe that the police did that. I got my dog back, and it was so sick. He couldn’t eat, nor go to the bathroom. He looked lifeless, and he just passed away today” ~Mark Granlund~  ~8-4-15~

In a video (below) posted to YouTube by MSM, Mark Granlund describes the life of Tank which he says he rescued four months ago after tank was abused and left with malnutrition. Outrage continues and answers are demanded.

As this small town continues to become divided by the actions of their local police force, it has become obvious that an epidemic is apparent in regards to the death of dogs by the hands of police. Some reports show that police in the USA kill one dog every 98 minutes. False police reports are the most common tool used to cover up these crimes. While outrage continues, the police in Ishpeming have acted very quickly to cover up their possible crimes. Personal attacks have been used to discredit Mark Granlunds character, this is a common technique used by all police and their supporters.

The picture above is Ishpeming police officer Jason Hart who has been accused of luring Tank off of his owners property with treats prior to taking Tank to the Ishpeming Township Pound were he stayed for 6 days. Tank was then released to UPAWS for his owner to pick him up. Tank died four days later. On Thursday, August 6th a police report on the incident was made available online. It is apparent that this police report is full of unproven allegations to discredit Tanks owner, Mark Granlund.

You can contact the Ishpeming police at 906 486-4416 or by email.

Officer involved Jason Hart:
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