Irish Water Protests Unite Communities Against the Troika


  In the lead up to the March  2011 election the Irish coalition Labour party promised to shoot down  any discussion of water charges, but when the Irish people learned that  Labour never intended to follow through with their campaign promises we  knew their fate was sealed. Bowing under the pressure of the Troika the  Irish government informed the nation that water charges were on their way.

Talk of pleasing the EU big wigs by agreeing to their ‘National Recovery Plan 2010-2014” was drowned out by the peoples logic, the cost of water was already paid for by tax revenues and surely the Troika were  happy with the extensive pick pocketing Fine Gael and labour were already pushing through. Irish people have already been slammed with the  property tax, mass wage decreases, the universal social charge, an  increase in the cost of fuel, cost of education, cost of transport  coupled with mass emigration, a high unemployment rate, not to mention  monstrous scandals within the Department of Health, and both the Department of Justice and Department of Equality and Reform with the dual title Minster Shatter resigning this week amid a whirlpool of  damning reports.

  While most people took these blows, clenched their jaw and put up with  it, thousands of others have not and have been organising and  demonstrating against the unjust treatment they are receiving from both  the EU and their own representatives. More people every day are seeing  the water charges for what they are, a kick in the stomach for a nation  that is already on the ground, and those people are now boosting the  numbers of people taking direct action against over taxation.  The Troika wanted Irish Water up and collecting by January 2015 and that  is what the Irish government scurried along to do.

  They spent 84  million on consultants, gave the company Siteserv the deal to install  meters on every home in Ireland even though another company offered to  do the installations for free… why would they do that, you ask? Well  Siteserv is owned by an investment company, and that investment company  is partly owned by… you guessed it! Denis O’Brien, the good old boy best  friend of the Irish government, always lurking around in case an  opportunity arises to make some big numbers from the scraps thrown to  him from the chambers of Dáil Eireann, always at a massive cost, a bill  always footed by the Irish people.

Petition: Minister Phil Hogan: Abolish Water Charges Now!

anons occupying Irish water Headquarters in Dublin

Anons occupying Irish water Headquarters in Dublin

  While the growth of people focusing on direct action increases, many  seem to forget that Irish people were here before. From 1994 to 1996  Dubliners demonstrated and achieved their goal of scrapping a water tax  that was imposed upon them until it was agreed in 1997 to scrap the tax  and use other means to collect the funds, then it was via the motor tax.  The state threatened to cut off water supply to the large number of  households who part took in direct action, when mass non-payment was the  weapon of their choice, just like the “pressure reduction” threats  being issued to Irish people who might be considering non-payment as a  means of protest. While the echoes of yesterday’s struggles are faded  now, the resistance lives on.
  It began in Cork with a small group who used peaceful direct action to  block the installers from doing their work. The idea was taken on board  by Dublin Says No, an established group who regularly protest and  organise action in Dublin against the harsh austerity measures and debt  loaded onto the backs of the Irish people. From there the idea of  peaceful direct action has spread with a large number of anti- water  charges groups popping up on social media almost overnight and taking to  their drive ways and those of their neighbours. The people of Ireland have won this battle before, and now, after  watching them take a more than a financial flogging, we are all hoping  they will win it again. Ireland is surrounded by water, if they don’t  win this again we could be watching direct action when the ECB sends orders to charge the little island for air.
Email Campaign: Tell all TD’s we will not pay for water #IrishWater! If you agree that water is a human right and human rights should be given, not demanded, please take 15 seconds to add you name and email address to this and send to all TD’s.

If you agree that water is a human right and human rights should be given (not demanded), please take 15 seconds to put your name and email address to this campaign and send it to all TDs. – See more at:
If you agree that water is a human right and human rights should be given (not demanded), please take 15 seconds to put your name and email address to this campaign and send it to all TDs. – See more at:
Email Campaign: Tell ALL TDs we will NOT pay for Water #IrishWater – See more at:

Edenmore & Kilbarrack fight back against water meters

IrishWater Clondalkin Meter Watch



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