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Dublin Says No

Irish media will try to ignore protests against Irish water 

From the need for constant market expansion, and finding new space for making a profit margin on a global scale, disaster capitalism is increasingly turning to services and resources which had for long been understood as public and common. The austerity measures in many countries are used as an excuse for privatization of water and water resources, culminating in the recent decision of the European level that water ceases to be a basic human right.

Ireland and Detroit have become the latest battlefield in this global struggle.  The Irish Government  imposed new taxes on the water that will push working families across the country to bankruptcy, while the officials of the city of Detroit last summer closed access to water for thousands of poor people.

main Irish media demonizing the people

main Irish media demonizing the people

A ‘sinister fringe ‘, as the Irish Times called all those who are not members of any of the ruling party, is expressly against private taxation, water charges and bailout for banks over  taxpayers pockets.  Being harshly demonized by mainstream media, Irish protestors start adding ‘sinister  fringe’ as their middle name on social media.

But the ordinary people now are awake, not just the activists.

“The Irish people were sold what they though was a dream, but they realized it was a nightmare, and they have awoken. They are slow to move but when they do, there will be no stopping them,. The feeling now is it is the quiet before the storm. Well at the end of the day it is totally up to the people at this stage. The momentum has been building for some time. And I believe it is gone even beyond the issue of water. I have a big concern with the corporations behind all this….the same entities doing the same in other countries” told Adele J King to Revolution News. 

On November 1st nearly 100 local protests happened all around the country of Ireland against the water charges. This video features highlights from the Dublin Lockdown which saw numerous groups and communities stand shoulder to shoulder in their refusal to pay the water charges by Irish Water. The atmosphere at the protest had some moments of real electricity and Irish people regaining their pride.
Organised by Dublin Says No, the Land League and numerous other groups the event was a big success.

Ireland is exempt from water charging. Ireland, unlike every other EU country, under article 9.4 of the EU directive does not have to pay domestic water charges.

Ire exemption

Codex Liberalis – Talking About Irish Water: What are the Legal Grounds? by Tír Na Saor on Mixcloud

Along with 90 weeks of protests in the streets of Ireland, Irish old political elite tries to demonize the opposition and seed fear of what government is capable of doing to dissenters.  Governments in every country are the biggest violators of human rights, especially right to privacy.   A right to privacy is explicitly stated under Article 12 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honor and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.” 

Smear campaigns and public indifference

North East TD Terence Flanagan, who is part of the Reform Alliance, took privacy violation to insanely new level  as he submitted details of  activist identity to Social Protection Minister Joan Burton and brought his ‘case’ to Irish parliament. He said he was concerned “that this person is not actively seeking work as stipulated as a condition of receiving Jobseeker’s Allowance” and raised concerns about the man’s “professional protester activities”. Egan told that he was “sickened” by what activist had done.

He asked: “Does the Department of Social Protection take any action against social welfare recipients that are visibly engaging on a daily basis in anti-Government protests by reducing their social welfare payments?”

Egan is a member of ‘Dublin Says No’ group which has been staging protests against the installation of water meters in the Edenmore area of Raheny in recent months. Consequences of  exposing private details of activist private life were hard for the activists, and despite Irish personal data protection regulations, this case had no legal consequences for the violator publicly shunning the activist in Irish parliament. On the other hand the question that lies underneath this  issue is – are only rich allowed to protest?  What kind of change this brings to public discourse? 

The history of documenting  something we know little about corporate and government  espionage expanded recently after Snowden’s disclosures on surveillance state.  Still the entire subject of how it has been done is veiled in secrecy.

  Cynicism about the scale of global surveillance actually seems to be enabling it to continue without significant push back, so what kind of developments can dislodge this kind of public indifference?

“There is a lot of public indifference, but the apathy is not ubiquitous. A lot of people are very disgruntled about the scope of the spying that has gone on, and we are already seeing substantive cultural and technological changes as a result.” “More people than ever before, for instance, are now adopting privacy-enhancing encryption and anonymity tools to protect their emails, phone calls, and internet browsing sessions from being intercepted. To me, this illustrates that you don’t have to wait on some sort of mass awakening. If people are personally concerned about the spying, they can empower themselves by learning how to use encryption. That is the best way to individually protest surveillance, certainly more effective than waiting around for other people to take action on your behalf”,told  Ryan Gallagher, an award winning journalist with The Intercept, to Irish Central.


dec 10  

 A proclamation has been made on the internet on behalf Ireland Says No community.

WHY THE 10th OF DECEMBER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN OUR MODERN HISTORY? HOW DID WE GET HERE? Quite simply, PEOPLE POWER! A Government that most definitely did not do what it says on the tin has forced us into a corner, forced our citizens on the street and ignored us! I have consistently said that FF/Greens crashed the economy and FG/LAB came and unashamedly picked the pockets of the crash victims. we need to move on as a nation from their crooked rule, and here’s the why; it is our system of government that is wrong, and on Wednesday, we need to change much more than the game of musical thrones in the Dail. We need far reaching changes to how politics is done here, big changes!

Dublin Says No marched for up to now:    

• no water charges…. ever!    Ireland map 3 • no Irish water. • return water services to local authority control • all resources to be enshrined in the articles of our constitution by way of a referendum. we also need real political change and dail reform; • an impeachment process for a taoiseach. • end the party whip. • ex pat voting in all elections. • direct democracy where TD’s get their instructions locally in big ticket Dail votes. • accountability for legislative actions. lets make history together. peacefully and with dignity. positive people power is unstoppable People have travelled all the way from the US to join the water charges protest due to take place in Dublin in 2 days.  Members of the Detroit Water Brigade are campaigning against unaffordable water in the US have decided to join forces against Irish Water.  

“It is contrary to human rights to  disconnect water from people who simply do not have the means to pay  their bills,” Ms. de Albuquerque said. “I heard testimonies from poor,  African American residents of Detroit who were forced to make impossible  choices – to pay the water bill or to pay their rent”, said UN Special Rapporteurs on the human right to  water and sanitation, Catarina de Albuquerque.

Dublin Says No recently celebrated 90 weeks of taking revolt to the streets.

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