Hundreds of Bosnia and Herzegovina Protesters March on Parliament and City Hall


10290630_10203288714035130_4024520843797610500_nProtest started today at the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The intention of protesters is to hold the plenum of all plenum’s (assembly), hundreds of people from all around Bosnia came to parliament today, some of them having marched on foot for 2 days covering around 120 kilometers on the journey.

People demanded that somebody from government speak with them, but police chief told them that nobody was in the building – than people decided to go in front of the City Hall monument building. The City Hall building has been under-construction with funding from the EU for the past 18 years, and tonight is the opening ceremony and all politicians and diplomats will be there.

When the march reached City Hall they were stopped by riot police and one man was assaulted.VIDEO


After the confrontation with riot police in front of City Hall the people protesting were moved to the other side of the river, where they remain, resolute.

The ceremony of opening City Hall is ongoing, Politicians and V.I.P. are currently arriving for the ceremony – welcomed by protesters chanting: “thiefs! Criminals“. People who are coming there for ceremony are being called upon to join protest on other side of the river. Protesters are yelling at them saying that they are traitors.

Jasmila Zbanic a famous Bosnian movie Director, joined the protest, and is standing with everybody else.

President Bakir Izetbegovic just walked out of City Hall and left ceremony.







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