Huge Explosions at US Army base near Tokyo, Japan


A series of huge explosions erupted around 1am Monday morning, at Sagami General Depot, a US army base in Kanagawa Prefecture, on the outskirts of Tokyo.

Photos and video footage circulating on social media show large explosions and smoke rising from the facility. Unconfirmed reports suggested that it was an ammunition depot that had exploded. What sparked the explosion is still unknown.

Currently, no evacuation has been ordered and no reports of injuries. At least 10 fire engines rushed to the scene in Sagamihara city according to Japanese broadcasting corporation NHK.

Sagami General Depot is used for the storage of fuel and munitions. As the facility has been underused lately, Washington and Tokyo held talks on the return of most of the 200-hectare territory to Japan, with the US planning to eventually return most of the territory, under the terms of a 2006 agreement.

Video footage from a local news report. (see below for more updates)

Raw footage.

Cylinders of Freon, Nitrogen, Oxygen and compressed air photographed today appear to be the fuel of the blast, although it’s still unclear what caused them to explode. NHK news reported that the metal cylinders were scattered in a 200-meter radius from the site of the warehouse.

Image credit - James Kimber @james_kimber

Image credit – James Kimber


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