Huge Demonstration In Solidarity With Lampedusa In Hamburg Refugees


refugeeswelcomeMore than 20.000 people took the streets of Hamburg (Germany) yesterday in solidarity with refugees. Besides from the fact that people are angry how the senate of Hamburg is treating the “Lampedusa in Hamburg” refugees, people are also protesting against the refugee policies of the German government and the European Union.



As we reported on October 30 demonstrations are going on for weeks now after the city of Hamburg started racist police controls. Yesterdays demonstration was the biggest so far and there were no incidents. The police intimidated people with water canons and armored vehicles but did not intervene.

Footage from a group of 200 people who marched to the central station in downtown Bremen where htey took a train to join the demonstration in Hamburg:

The refugees want to thank all the countless people who showed their solidarity yesterday. Lampedusa in Hamburg – Here to stay!


Below you find a press release by the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” for yesterdays demonstration:

Hamburg, 02.11.2013. Today the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” calls for a nationwide demonstration according to the motto “Solidarity with Lampedusa in Hamburg – We demand a right to stay according to § 23 Residence Act!”. Several thousand people are expected to join the demonstration, including refugee activists and participants from nearly all federal states of Germany.


The group “Lampedusa in Hamburg” demands:

  1. That the senate acknowledges that the members of the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”, all being recognized refugees of war from Libya, are not provided with appropriate protection in Italy, which is a consequence of the failure of the Dublin II-System. The senate has to assume responsibility and has to seriously examine the possibilities of granting a right of residence, i.e. according to § 23 Residence Act.

  1. The consideration of the groups’s proposal to form a commission which could realize the development of a future procedure.


A comment by Asuquo Udo, one of the speakers of “Lampedusa in Hamburg”:

“In contrast to what had been published in the press lately, the group has not split up. Under the overpowering pressure and threats some may accept the offer made by the senate, but the group still remains strong and united. Ill advice that aims at splitting the group will not be accepted.

After long discussions we, the group “Lampedusa in Hamburg”, see that there are many hidden dangers in the offer made by the senate. We insist that we cannot submit ourselves to a process which gives us no legal assurance about a perspective to stay or a work permit and rejects our legitimate reasons for a right to stay. Much is said about the rule of law, but laws are always interpreted to our disadvantage. The § 23 Residence Act examplarily offers a solution to our existential suffering.

We remain prepared to approach the situation in a constructive manner and think that a further dialogue with the senate is necessary. This is why we propose the formation of a comission that could realize the concrete development of a future procedure.”

Footage of the Welcome Refugee demonstration Hamburg on the second of November

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