Hologram Protests: Spain Responds to the Ley Mordaza


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Spanish citizens convened the first program in history using holograms, in order to protest without violating the new guidelines of the National Security Act and the amendments to the Penal Code and the Anti-terror law.

According to the recently approved “triad gag“, the citizens of Spain cannot protest against the Congress or hold meetings in public spaces, plus they have to ask permission from the authorities whenever they wish protest publicly.

“If you are a person you can not express yourself freely, you can only do that here if you become a hologram,” says a woman in the video released by the movement “Hologramas para la Libertad.”

To express their dissatisfaction, organizations have called for the manifestation of holograms against the Gag Law this coming April, no specific date yet, so that they will not physically present, but through a hologram they can publicly protest.

On the movement’s website citizens are invited to participate by writing a text message, leaving a “scream” by recording a voice message, or converting themselves into a hologram by recording a video via webcam.

“Reforming the Public Safety Act violates the right to public assembly. A measure that restricts the freedoms of citizens and criminalizes their right to demonstrate in the streets. Converting a right into a crime for which can haunt, stop and judge you,” the organizers said on the website.

In response, they decided to make an “unstoppable” manifestation, a massive protest through which they will demonstrate that despite the obstacles, “they cannot silence our voices and, even if we have to become holograms, we continue to protest.”

above text via emeequis

It sounds completely bizarre. It’s never been done before but we will be sure to follow the calls for hologram protests in Spain. If Hologramas para la Libertad can pull it off, we should see some of the most unique protests ever organized.

Please check out their website at hologramasparalalibertad.org .

Hologramas para la Libertad


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