Historically critical speech not televised by Penguin Media in Turkey


We are breaking the censure by penguin media CNN Türk, NTV, Habertürk. Here is the historically critical speech and headlines from HDP secretary Demirtaş’ speech today, after Turkish President Erdogan’s statement that the “peace process cannot continue”, suggesting “some of HDP’s parliament members’ immunity be revoked”.

It is a historical moment in Turkish politics because after HDP gained more than 10% votes in the last election and raised its seats from 38 to 80, AKP was knocked off the solo-government seat. The language of Erdogan and AKP has changed drastically towards the Kurdish problem and the peace process in the aftermath. Cease-fire has ended, and Turkey is at the brink of a war. “All for the Palace” states Demirtaş. “Your kids and our kids will not die for the country, they will die for the Palace” referring to the affluent palace where Erdogan resides.

The speech was only televised by IMC TV and Hayat TV and none of the mainstream “penguin media” cared to televise it. They are called penguin media, because during the peak of Gezi uprising, they were airing a documentary on penguins.

In an earlier interview Demirtaş had explained how peace process gradually died.

A day after the Demitaş’ critical speech AK Party Deputy Chair Süleyman Soylu has filed for the lifting of Selahattin Demirtaş’ parliamentary immunity for comments that “surpassed the limits of free speech.”

Some headlines from the speech (click here for Turkish) :

“You want our immunity? We will go with 80 members and apply that our immunity be revoked. Are you up for it? If you are not scared, let’s all leave our immunities”

(referring to MHP – the nationalist party) “Didn’t you ask for Bilal? You couldn’t take him, but you gave your Hilal”
(hilal is the crescent moon in MHP’s logo)

“to the mothers of soldiers and police.. Your sons are our sons. Mothers should know that they are not sending their sons to die defending their country. They are sending them to defend the Palace. If this is our nation, let us defend it together. We did it in 1071, let’s do it now. Let no one ask us to fight for the benefit of one party, or one man. You are mothers and fathers, do not sacrifice your kids to the benefit of a Palace. There is no national problem, the problem here is problem of defending of a palace.”

“Ones who call us terrorists have thrown the country into fire. Imagine a Turkey who had signed peace with PKK. They didn’t do it. Because they wanted 400 seats”

“We had anticipated what kind of madness awaited us if we surpassed the 10% threshold. The attacks (before elections) were proof”

“Suruç massacre was planned by a private Gladio. A poor boy that was sent into IS, killed 31 of our youth of Turkey. ”

“They have not called even one family for condolences”

“The trap is obvious…if we all say ‘we will not let you go to war’ things will change. They only care about votes, and if they see that their votes are falling, they will change.”

“They did not let burial of a young woman in Gazi Cemevi. Their holy place was attacked. 13 (YPG) bodies are not allowed in Habur border. Bodies of youth who resisted your rapist gangs (ISIS) in Kobane with honor. ”

“If we are not hand in hand, we will bury a soldier one day, a guerrilla another, and a woman another day. While we feel the weight of them on our shoulders, they will lead their kingdom”

“After June 7 elections a Recep Tayyip Erdoğan coup took place and currently there is a civilian Junta regime in place.”

“we will pay the price, and not allow our people to pay a price. We will not allow anyone in the mountain, or in police force, or in military to die.”

“We will save Turkey from the AKP Junta, the Palace Junta. We will stop them.”

“We will not let you go to war in this country”

HDP in repsonse to AKP’s ‘immunity lifting’ threat; has filed on its own for removal of immunity:

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