Hide Your Kids! Hide Your Wife! Alien Invasion of USA!


(Warning: Article contains sarcasm)

OMG there’s an ALIEN INVASION in USA!!! Hide your kids, hide your wife! “Aliens” are invading at the southwest border. Herds of sasquatch and Illuminati lizard people are probably right behind them.

Anti-immigration groups in the United States are FREAKING out over the humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border. Yesterday afternoon immigration-hating protesters blocked 3 buses carrying sick migrant women and children from entering the Murrieta Border Patrol station in San Diego.

After the buses were detoured, several of the migrants were taken to hospital for treatable illnesses that are common in impoverished areas of the world. We are not sure why the medical information of migrants is public information in the first place. Apparently they have no rights at all so we can’t expect their health information to remain private.

Videos show a relatively small group of people waving flags and yelling “GO HOME!” or “USA! USA!” One anti-immigration protester was interviewed on camera after the buses were re-routed and compared the turning away of sick women and children to “Normandy beach” while others cheered victoriously.

Police made no arrests. Protesters were not kettled, removed from the road or dispersed.

Anti-immigration protesters clashed with pro-immigration activists who were there as a counter protest in support of the migrants. Popular Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera spoke out on camera and the crowd nearly lynched him. One anti-immigration protester even spit in his face:

The protest in Murrieta, CA seems to have been organized by a group called The Oath Keepers who blogged about what they called a “think tank” conference call which took place June 29 on the issue of the Texas border situation. According to their website they learned from their experiences at the Bundy Ranch to “look before they leap” and are currently gathering “info and intel and data” to meet the challenge of the alien invasion.

One of their leaders, Commander Spc Chris Three Percenter Davis, apparently had to give instructions to his followers on facebook to stop posting “kill them” comments and racial slurs. It’s pretty sad when people have to be told this is not acceptable behavior. Sadder still if they only stop so they don’t jeapordize #OpSOB. (can’t make this shit up)

We are not sure if Commander Spc Chris Three Percenter Davis was in San Diego but #OpSOB is supposedly organizing a human chain across the southwest border to protect us all from the alien invasion. So there’s that.

UDPATE 7/6/14: According to an article by Crooks and Liars, Murrieta Mayor Alan Long had posted a status on his facebook page opposing the transfer of migrants to his city, apparently inciting the protests that turned away buses from the Murrieta Border Patrol station. He says he feels the town is now being stereotyped due to media coverage of angry protesters.

Mayor Long held a press conference on 6/30/14 to address the movement of migrants to the Murrieta border patrol station and later held a town hall meeting 07/02/14 with local residents and Riverside County Supervisor, Jeff Stone. At 8:00 in the below video Riverside County Supervisor Stone praises the local efforts to turn the buses around and receives roaring applause from the audience.


Ever since the story broke about the large numbers of unaccompanied minors crossing into the US via the southwest Mexican border, we’ve noticed a trend of flame wars emerging from anti-immigration trolls spitting piss and vinegar in social media at anyone who dares to show compassion or empathy for the newly arrived migrants.

Read more about the current humanitarian crisis at the US Mexico border.


Inflammatory reports in various media outlets are fanning the hate flames and fear mongering, feeding into ridiculous conspiracy theories such as a government cover-ups of migrants spreading deadly diseases or that the increase in migration is a giant cover-up for Islamists to enter the US undetected. Some have even reported that the US government planned the crisis all along, possibly in cahoots with the UN.

Maybe if mainstream media had been investigating and reporting on the situation properly all along, then people would not be so reactionary. Maybe if it was reported properly now – we would not see a never-ending deluge of inciteful “SHOOT THEM” comments on every article pertaining to migrants. Instead we see media and public commentary using a humanitarian crisis as a platform to launch partisan political arguments. Apparently there are people in the United States who could not recognize a human rights situation even if a migrant was being abused, extorted and raped right in front of their eyes.


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