Happy Crypto New Year


Post-Snowden, many companies have been trying to build applications to give us our privacy back. The real challenge, though, is to make the software so easy that everyone can use it.

We are not yet there, but there are now several ways of communicating “safely,” ie more privately, if not perfectly privately. After months of extensive testing this is what we, #2992, have come up with to recommend.

Of course this is in addition to using VPN services and Tor to secure your communications. Here is the best advice available for these two services:

VPN: http://torrentfreak.com/which-vpn-services-take-your-anonymity-seriously-2014-edition-140315/

TOR: http://www.torproject.org/projects/torbrowser.html.en


Encrypted Voice-to-voice / Video / Chat / File sharing / e-mail

This service can fully replace Skype and similar services. Yesterday we made a video call using the Android app on 3G and both audio and video were crystal clear. The service uses a LOT less resources both on your computer and your phone than the competition does. Amazing to say the least. Unseen is only available for Android phones but iPhone app is in testing phase. To get more technical information you can visit their website:

Learn more here: http://unseen.is/faq.html

Note: chats in Unseen look like normal conversations, this is just an example screenshot with encrypted text (for privacy)


Encrypted e-mail without having to understand how to set up encryption.

This email service can be compared to Gmail, which also claims to offer encryption. The primary difference is that ProtonMail has true end-to-end encryption. The amazing thing is you do not have to understand PGP and go through the usual process of creating public or private keys. They are in beta and there is a very long queue – but you can register at their website now.


Such Calls

Encrypted Voice and SMS/Text Messaging services.

This is the most innovative service we have ever come across. All calls are encrypted, and you can call free between users of Such Calls. Calling someone not using the service has a small cost.

You pay for minutes with Dogecoin. Go here, http://suchcalls.com/shots/, to see an animation that explains how it works.

Please read this article/interview in The Cryptosphere to fully understand how Such Calls works and why it’s so Doge-centric.


Lavaboom Zero-Knowledge Email

Lavaboom is currently in private beta testing while they put the finishing touches on the email client and make sure that it’s as secure as it can be. You can register now for their beta testing.

Their mission is to make secure email accessible to everyone. Combining unbroken encryption protocols with a beautiful user interface, they plan to push encrypted email into the mainstream. Lavaboom is based in Germany and is built with love by some great people.

Some information: http://lavaboom.com/about

In conclusion

These are some of the solutions we have so far to combat mass surveillance which is destroying the concept of privacy for all of us.

What we still need are good, dependable, and easy to use tools that everyone can use without spending hours learning about PGP, creating public and private keys.

Only when encryption becomes a default function in every application or service we use, will we win the battle against the totalitarian governments reminiscent of the East German Stasi.

In the next couple of years we will see numerous products being launched – because it will be what the customers want.

Raymond Johansen
Global Pirate Party Activist


PGP Key ID 0xC0F1C0E0 / rayjoha@unseen.is