Greece: Riot Police Tear Gas Austerity Rally – Protesters Respond with Molotovs


Protesters gathered on the streets of Athens outside of parliament in Syntagma Sq. following the parliament’s vote on the proposed Eurozone agreement in Athens on July 14.

Thousands of people in several different marches made up of civil service workers, trade unionists, PAME communists group and a large anarchist block marched their way to Syntagma Sq. today for the anti-austerity rally with riot police escorts who began antagonizing the rally leading to a violent confrontation.

Members of the Greek Parliament, led by the Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, convene in Athens, July 15, to debate and vote on the agreement proposed by the Eurozone leaders’ Monday morning following over 16 hours long lasting negotiations in Brussels.

The agreement, if backed by the Greek Parliament, will give a way to a fresh pack of austerity measures and economic reforms in exchange for a third bailout and Greece’s place in the Eurozone.”

Video: Syntagma Square near the Greek Parliament. Molotov cocktails thrown at police. via @Hibai_

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