Greece: Anarchist Resistance at University of Athens


Riot police officers surrounded the rectory of the University of Athens in a stand off with anarchist protesters occupying the building. The nearly three week long occupation, is to show solidarity with Greek prisoners who are currently holding hunger strikes for more than forty days to protest the new Syriza government’s failure to fulfill an election commitment to close all ‘C-class’ high security prisons.

Two protests both for and against the Skouries open pit mining project were held earlier in the day outside the main Athens university administration building (Propylea) on central Panepistimiou avenue, close to Parliament. The building has been occupied by activists for more than two weeks. Riot police had moved between the two groups, leading to confrontation.

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What is at Stake with Skouries mine project – Halkidiki, the birthplace of the ancient philosopher Aristotle, is a place of such great natural beauty that, every year, it is flooded by tourists from all over the world. In the western part of Halkidiki lies the primeval forest of Skouries. A few years ago the multinational gold mining company Eldorado Gold settled in Skouries and with the backing of powerful domestic private interests has begun large-scale mining activities. Thus, the irreversible destruction of the ecosystem of Skouries and the contamination of soil and groundwater with heavy metals throughout western Halkidiki has already started.

Hellas Gold, is developing a huge open-pit gold and copper mine right in the middle of what used to be a pristine forest. Approximately 180 hectares of forest have so far been cleared in order to make way for the mine, a processing plant and two monstrous tailings dams. For the past three years, the local people and the broader solidarity movement resisting the mine have faced extreme repression and penalization of their struggle.
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