Germany: Police Let Racist Mob “Welcome” Refugees In Clausnitz


Multiple videos tell an alarming story about the sentiment towards refugees in Germany today. One video shows that German police forces did not interfere as a racist mob “welcomed” refugees in Clausnitz, Germany last night. Photos show that the bus the refugees were sitting in was also blocked by cars before it arrived in Clausnitz.

Other videos are much worse, and involve the police assaulting and pulling refugees off of the bus as rabid racists can be heard screaming with joy in the background.

Polizei Sachsen in #clausnitz … Umgang mit verängstigten Flüchtlingskindern. #kaltland

Posted by Frank Stollberg on Friday, February 19, 2016

The racist mob was able to approach the bus full of refugees, as the police didn’t even try keep them at a distance. Like before the racist riots in the German provence town Heidenau last year, the racist mob had announced on social media that they wanted to try to prevent refugees from moving into their shelter. The racist riots in Heidenau in 2015 lasted for several days because there were not enough police to get the situation under control.

According to Facebook comments and tweets by the Saxony police department, there where only 30 policemen on duty during last nights events in Clausnitz. The number of policemen was far too low, despite calls on social media to block the refugees and prevent them from moving into their shelter. On Facebook, the police also said they have to stay “neutral”. It seems that police forces understand the word “neutral” as allowing a racist mob to block buses of refugees (see video above).

Mayor Micheal Funke of Clausnitz played down the actions by the race-baiting mob in his city (see Tweet) today. Funke told Freie Presse that a big part of the mob “did not want a riot”. Funke stated that the mob actually only wanted to see who is coming to Clausnitz (Tweet).

Freie Presse also reported that the morning after the racist mob scared the hell out of refugees in Clausnitz, some of the neighbours of the refugee shelter said they did not notice anything. The loud yelling at the video makes that hard to believe. The attitude of the mayor of Clausnitz and some of the neighbours towards the refugee shelter reflect the “we didn’t know” attitude of many people in Germany after the second world war.

The racist mob did not only block the bus last night, they also blocked the refugee shelter with at least 3 cars. A man gesticulated to cut the throats of the refugees who were inside the bus, and the police confirmed that a woman who supports refugees was threatened and told that her house will be burnt down.

Unfortunately there seems to be a pattern in Germany when it comes to the number of police that show up when racists announce a protest or intention to block refugee shelters and buses full of refugees. Not only in Clausnitz and Heidenau were racist mobs able to block refugee shelters and busses. Racists have done similar actions in German cities in the past months, especially in the German state Saxony. According to dozens of witnesses often the police often interfered (too) late or even not at all against racist protests.

A lot of journalists are also complaining that the police do not protect them from neo-nazi attacks when racist mobs are demonstrating. Two days ago, a media outlet from Leipzig announced they will no longer report about the fascist Legida demonstrations in the city, as cops are not willing, and the media outlet isn’t able to protect their journalists.

Apart from the fact that German police do not seem to be willing or able to stop racist attacks and mobs, there are other alarming elements to this situation. In 2015, it was reported that refugees were being abused and even tortured at a police station in Hannover. Yesterday, screenshots appeared of a policeman from Hannover who posted neo-nazi propaganda on his Facebook profile (see Tweet below). Its not just in Hannover that people have reported on connections between well known neo-nazis and policemen.

How different things are when it comes to the behaviour of police forces when they confront leftist groups in Germany. German police forces not only often outnumber leftist and antifa protests, antifa and other leftist groups are often also victims of repression. Police violence is something almost every antifa activist has experience with.

Video: Police storm leftwing bar Nowawes in Potsdam on February 17, after a nazi march was blocked by anti-fascists earlier that night (Watch police violence at 07:00):

After the scandal around German state security and the fascist NSU terror group (see video), authorities are not willing or not able to protect refugees, specifically refugee shelters which were attacked more than 1000 times in 2015. People will have to stop the racist mobs and neo-nazi attacks by themselves.

In these dark days in Europe and beyond, Germany is not the only country where racist attacks take place and where the number of attacks is growing. Its long overdue for European societies to rise up against racism and xenophobia.
An emergency solidarity gathering with refugees has been called for February 20th in Clausnitz.

Meanwhile neo-nazis and other racists have taken to social media..

Under the Twitter hashtag #Kaltland people will find updates about racist attacks in Germany.

Horrific German Nazi Attacks Spur #Kaltland Hashtag on Twitter



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