Germany: Erdogan Gets Green Light For Human Rights Violations



Last night Turkish police forces stormed the headquarters of conservative daily news Zaman in Istanbul. The newspaper is under state control now. The Erdogan regime seems to be able to do whatever they want as there is a deafening silence in European Union (EU) member states about the massive human rights violations in Turkey.

German federal interior minister Thomas de Mazière (CDU) told German daily newspaper “Neuen Passauer Presse” today: “We shouldn’t be the referee for the world regarding human rights”. But the German policies regarding Turkey go much further; German security authorities are working closely together with the Erdogan regime.

Video This is not Homs, Hama or Aleppo. This is Cizre , A Kurdish town in the south-east of Turkey, bombed by the Turkish Army

The Turkish state is known for its massive human rights violations against leftwing and Kurdish news outlets, politicians, lawyers and journalists in Turkey, but now the Erdogan regime even attack the media who supported these human rights abuses. After a police operation to silence Kurdish news agency DIHA in December 2011, Zaman’s headline was “Operation against terrorist press”.

Zaman headline in 2011: "Operation against terrorist press"

Zaman headline in 2011: “Operation against terrorist press”

Last year Turkey started a war against its own people in the Kurdish regions in the south-east of the country. There were curfews in several cities with many civilian casualties. During the curfew in Cizre there was a massacre with many civilian deaths. The Turkish military did not even allow to transport injured civilians to hospitals. In many of these cases those injured people died.

The war in Turkey is a war against an idea. The idea of the self-governed towns and villages in Rojava (In the Kurdish region of Syria, which borders with the Kurdish regions in Turkey).

EU member states like Germany are not only silent about the massive human right violations and massacres in Turkey. There are regular consultations between the German and Turkish government. The secret services of both countries exchange information on a regular basis and often lead to police raids and arrests in Germany. On February 11 german police raided independent youth center UJZ Korn in Hannover. German police stated that they raided the UJZ because of alleged support of the Kurdish PKK movement.

In Wuppertal (Germany) Latife was arrested for alleged support of the Turkish militant organisation DHKP-C. Latife was chairwoman of the “Anatolische Föderation “.  She was one of several people who were arrested during police raids across Germany. The raids took place shortly after one of the consultations between German and Turkish security authorities. Her trial started at June 18, 2015 and is still ongoing. German police had put a tracking device on her car, there was a full surveillance of her telecommunications from December 2012 to June 2013 and searched her apartment, garden plot and clubhouse of the “Anatolische Föderation”. But they found no evidence of illegal activities. German authorities claim the “Anatolische Föderation” supports the DHKP-C, but the club is not forbidden.

Solidarity with Latife poster.

Solidarity with Latife poster.

Police authorities claim that a concert of Turkish band “Grup Yorum” in Oberhausen was held to raise money for the DHKP-C. But there until now there is no proof for this claim.The concert was organised by the Anatloische Föderation.  Andrej Hunko, a German member of parliament for leftwing party “Die Linke” asked the German government about the repression against a “Grup Yorum” concert in Oberhausen. Minister of state Michael Roth answered that there is a regular bilateral exchange between German and Turkish security authorities. He added that they also exchange information about the PKK and DHKP-C.

As the state prosecution seems not to be able to proof their claim that the “Anatolische Föderation” supports the DHKP-C they even construct Latife’s applies for the authorization of legal gatherings like for instance solidarity demonstrations for the Gezi protests were a kind of accessory terrorist activity. This is how German authorities try to silence people who challenge the Erdogan regime with activities which are actually legal in Germany.

German authorities are hoping to stop the influx of refugees with the help of the Turkish government. Yesterday’s raid against Zaman, comes just days before the EU summit with Turkey. On February 28, German chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) said in an interview with German public TV station ARD, that she is concentrating all her efforts to achieve a “Turkish solution”.  This means nothing else than stopping refugees who want to go to EU member states at Turkish territory by the Erdogan regime. It seems the price for this solution is not only a huge amount of money but the deafening silence about the war in Turkey and the active support of German and other security authorities.

Police violence during last nights police raid against Zaman.

Police violence during last nights police raid against Zaman.

The close cooperation between Turkish and EU authorities are exposed in a document of the European Commission from March 4 about the “EU-Turkey Joint Action Plan” (PDF document).  According to the EU document Turkish coast guard, police and gendarmerie were provided “with training courses with the aim to strengthen their capacity in the fight against irregular migration.” In other words, the EU actively supports the fight against refugees. That doesn’t include the stop of arm-sales by EU arms industries or the support for the murderous Erdogan regime by EU states.

The EU policies against refugees are not only inhuman and a crime against humanity, the EU plans also just won’t work. Although Turkish coast guard and police raided smugglers and have send back refugees whose rubber boats were intercepted at the Agean sea, people continue to arrive on Greek islands. Even the shootings of refugees by Turkish security forces at the Turkish/Syrian border doesn’t stop people from travelling to the EU.

Erdogan’s war against his own population in the Kurdish regions in the south-east of Turkey already produced tens of thousands new refugees. This time, people are forced to leave their homes which are located on Turkish soil.

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