From Gaza to London: Help #SupportAwni to Study Abroad


Awni Farhat is a 25 year old freelance translator, social worker and community activist. He has lived in Jabalia refugee camp in The Gaza Strip all his life. Awni transported our readers to Palestine this past summer with his heart wrenching, first hand accounts of life during the Israeli offensive on Gaza.

He has been accepted to a masters program at the University of London SOAS and we want to help him get there.


“I firmly believe in knowledge as an important, powerful and dynamic aspect of making an effective stand against oppression and injustice. For these reasons I am most of all interested in higher study programs related to human rights, social justice, and development. I would welcome the chance to gain the knowledge and develop the necessary skills that would enable me to turn my negative life experiences into positive action directed at seeking peace and justice in Palestine.

I believe that studying at SOAS will help me to explore the root causes of injustice and conflict, both in my country and across the world. I think this would enable me to focus my efforts in a more effective manner and to educate others how to do the same.” – Awni Farhat

If you are able, please consider donating to the campaign to help him further his education and share his story widely. #SupportAwni

You can read Awni’s amazing work in our Palestine archives or on his blog at

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Erin Gallagher is a multimedia artist, translator and writer for Revolution News.