25 Arrested, Dozens Brutalized in Clashes Between Police & “Frisco 5” Protestors at City Hall


Protestors who are supporting the ‘Frisco Five’ hunger strikers in San Francisco were pushed out of City Hall today by police, and took 25 arrests during the process.

Protestors occupied City Hall after a decoy protest was held outside.

The hunger strikers are refusing to eat until their corrupt police chief Greg Suhr is fired or quits his job after being accused of police brutality. The Frisco Five themselves were moved to a hospital Friday due to deteriorating health conditions.

Local Media reports that the protestors have called for an ambulance, but aren’t reporting any injuries. On their way out, protestors stopped by Mayor Ed Lee’s office to make some noise.

The five hunger strikers are Llych “Equipto” Sato, Cristina Gutierrez, Ike Pinkston, Sellassie Blackwell, and Edwin Lindo.

The protestors did not leave City Hall without a fight – a metal detector was knocked over and used to prop the door open for more protestors to come in, and protestors locked arms during clashes, refusing to leave.

Protestors intend to protest this weekend at the Mission District police station, or at City Hall to continue their fight.


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