Free Shawkan: Egyptian Photojournalist in Jail Without Charges


Mahmoud Abu Zaid “Shawkan”, is a freelance photographer and contributor to Time Magazine, Die Zeit, Media Group, and Demotix. He has been held without charges in August 14, 2013. Shawkan was arrested while taking photos at the dispersal of the Rab’aa sit in in Cairo.

Shawkan was arrested along with photojournalist Louis Jammes who was released shortly after. Jammes recounted Shawkan’s abuse in police custody to Avaaz in a petition that is circulating for Shawkan’s release:

Jammes told colleagues that he and Shawkan were beaten by security forces and their cameras taken. They were then herded into the Cairo stadium with protesters and other journalists. Jammes, and several other foreign journalists were later released, but Shawkan was not. He was held in the stadium with 47 other prisoners where he says he was systematically beaten by authorities for three days before being transferred to Tora jail.

Shawkan’s brother, Mohammed and friends opened the Freedom for Shawkan Facebook page to campaign for his release and occasionally post his messages from Tora prison.

Please add your signature to the petition and share it with your friends, Shawkan’s case has not received as much public attention as other media workers and we would like to help bring attention to his case. He is approaching 1 year in Egyptian jail without charges.

Click here to see some of Shawkan’s work on Demotix

Images from a protest organized by colleagues and photographers from a few weeks ago shared by Egyptian Chronicles:


Freedom for Shawkan
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