Finland Protests MP’s call for a “fight against the nightmare of multiculturalism”


Around 15,000 citizens protested today in Helsinki, Finland, after a right-wing politician’s comments that multiculturalism is “a nightmare”.

The protests were called “We have a dream”, apparently after the famous speech of Martin Luther King Jr., and similar, but smaller protests were held in other cities across the country. The event was supported by a number of Finish artists who performed in Helsinki. The gathering also received support from a number of Finish officials who stated that the Finnish way of life has always encompassed diversity and different customs.

Last week, a parliamentarian from a Finns Party Olli Immonen on Facebook called for a “fight against the nightmare of multiculturalism”.  This call was widely rejected by the Finish public and a number of officials and citizens have called for his resignation.Screenshot_4

His party leader Timo Soini said that they will talk about this in his parliamentary group after the vacation period.

His controversial call came on the 20th of July, just two days before the anniversary of the Utoya island massacre where neo-Nazi Anders Breivik killed 77 and injured more than 200 hundred. However, Soini said that this timing is just a coincidence.

Immonen sparked another controversy just last month when a picture of him was revealed, posing with a neo-Nazi group in Finland.




Photo: AFP

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