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UPDATES, August 16th-17th

UPDATES, August 15th:

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@Michael has reported that soon after our last update, the peaceful protests were attacked by the police. Check out his Twitter updates below:

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Check out our new article: Ferguson Police’s PR Stunt Poisons Independent and Impartial Investigation

A Kansas City based activist from Progressive Youth Organization – PYO is in Ferguson right now, reporting that the People are managing their community on their own without the police.

“No police in sight. No guns, no tanks, no snipers. The people are governing themselves, peacefully. There is another way possible. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t believe it when they say without law enforcement, we’d be killing ourselves. If the show of force we saw earlier this week constitutes law enforcement, they can keep it. We don’t need it.

It’s beautiful here. An amazing vibe, one of unity and solidarity. People are respectful and kind. I’m moved to tears and maybe even hopeful. There’s drumming, chanting, dancing, preaching, gospel singing. I hope this is a turning point for us. Not one more.”


Activists on the ground in Ferguson and the surrounding areas have released information on how to help. There is still time to organize rallies for Saturday or Sunday!

To organize a Sunday rally, click here.

UPDATES, August 14: For the first time in a long time, killer cops in America could no longer play the victim of the people they executed. This is what Ferguson has done and it’s a huge step forward in smashing state racism, the most powerful ruling classes’ weapon of economic oppression in the United States.

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After they killed Mike Brown and left him lay there for hours, police dumped his body in a SUV.

But black people being right in America is just too much for some: now you have media like Vice calling protests over the week  “violent” and then live streaming about firecrackers tonight, trying to portray that as “violence”, in spite of all images proving that people protested peacefully, cops walked alongside them, they were literally joyful they could breath air and not tear gas, and they were happy that finally the country heard their voice. Racists must be feeling they are losing serious ground here. Beyond this, Vice laying the blame on protestors for “being violent” after they were attacked by an army of militarized cops, pointing assault rifles at them, using LRAD on them, shooting live ammo and rubber bullets, firing tear gas in the residential areas, it’s the same Vice who reported that nazis in Ukraine firing live ammo at cops in Kyiv were “peaceful protestors”. That indeed shows some standards. It’s even more clear how crucial the resistance and the struggle in Ferguson were when seeing a conservative radio host and an ABC contributor using the worst propaganda against protestors, calling them “lynching mob” and “looters”, when these people were demanding the police not be granted the same traditional impunity when they were executing their children.

“Media maters” reported that on August 14, when the war waged by the army of cops against the population of Ferguson reached its peak, “conservative radio host Laura Ingraham complained that the events were receiving too much attention and suggested Brown’s death was nothing more than a “local, criminal” story.” However outrageous this is, it must be understood that this is a fundamental element of this sick racist dominant culture: the victim must always be criminalized, so that the killer cops must be seen as heroes. Mike Brown, as his friend who witnessed his execution said, was not a criminal, was not looting, was just walking on the street, when a cop murdered him.   

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Almost a week of resistance and riots against state racism and impunity for cop killers have forced Missouri officials to back off. This was possible after a shift in reporting the riots; the traditional propaganda of blaming protestors for “violence” when cops were shooting and inflicting violence and terror on defenseless people lost momentum. Cops have left out their military gear; the contrast is visible: cops the other days and today. Ferguson police officials claim they did not deploy military weaponry against the population of Ferguson, they also said cops did not use tear gas against against protestors or journalists; see pics and videos below from the past days proving they lie.

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Ferguson police troops deployed against civilian population the other day. via @RT

“Nobody got hurt,” Ferguson police chief said, which is a lie since Mike Brown was murdered by one of his cops, another black man was shot by the same cops and a woman was almost killed in a drive-by shooting which has not been clarified.

 — I hope the people of don’t fall into a false sense of security. Don’t forget why was murdered and by who.

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This is police officer Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol today in Ferguson, a striking contrast to the militarized army of cops deployed against Ferguson in the past days.

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Police troops in Ferguson, yesterday.

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August 13, Ferguson.

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Al Jazeera crew attacked with tear gas by police in Ferguson.

Two national journalists fell victims of police brutality, and images of cops attacking and stealing news’ crews equipment were shared world-wide.

But the reality is that “We’re afraid that we will be treated like black people by police.” Read it all, here.

AFRAID: “The police have too much power in America and the press is afraid to say it outright.”

What the media does not show: the 4th day of peaceful protests in Ferguson ended up with militarized police brutally attacking people.

Governor Jay Nixon has announced he would relieve the St. Louis County police from responding to demonstrations in Ferguson; he assigned state highway patrol in charge of security in Ferguson. U.S. president said he asked the FBI to investigate the killing of Mike Brown. Calls to demilitarize the police and stop Pentagon programs of arming the cops are stepping up, but there’s no investigation on why the Pentagon was arming local police departments with war weaponry the U.S. army used in Afghanistan and Iraq wars.  Calls to end state racism, economic and social racism and segregation are heard more and more clearly. What all these mean is that state propaganda has been defeated by the people of Ferguson, who managed to break through the usual media prejudices against them, by the solidarity expressed towards them all over the U.S, by the anger at state programs and policies to militarize the police and by the fury at the impunity cops enjoy in killing, raping, beating people, most of them black, almost every day in America. Democrats are moving for police demilitarization.

People have gathered at the place where Mike Brown was gunned down by  a cop in Ferguson; live stream here and here.

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Public squares in the United States have been flooded by people demanding justice for the thousands of victims of police’s killing spree which exploded in the past years, leading to more than 5,000 people being murdered by cops. Most of them are blacks. It was meant to be silent vigils to honor the victims, but people are speaking up and express their legitimate anger. Protests will be updated in this blog.

Anonymous released St. Louis police dispatch tapes from August 9, when Mike Brown was gunned down by one of the cops in Ferguson; find them here.

Ferguson Paralyzed: “For a moment, let us consider the consequence. By releasing the personal information, the 911 call, by shutting down the internet, Anonymous has brought the Ferguson leadership something that they had lacked – fear. They were insulated from consequence, so they acted without concern. Now they are facing a very real consequence to their actions, one they were warned of, and one which they foolishly ignored. That phrase Anonymous uses, it is not just words on paper, a hollow motto. That is their creed, their lives breath. ….

The actions of the Ferguson police department can not be tolerated in civil society. …The demilitarization of the United States must begin.” via addictinginfo.org

“KKK raising money for ‘hero’ Ferguson cop who shot ‘Jewish controlled black thug’: “Hate Watch blogger Don Terry said that attempts to communicate with the Klan’s Imperial Wizard Chuck Murray went unanswered.” read it all here

UPDATES August 13: De facto militarized police, armed with military weapons, stepped up racist class war on the black community of Ferguson, as details and testimonies about their intent in murdering 18 year old Mike Brown keep pouring from witnesses and residents.

Earlier, Al Jazeera journalists were teargassed by Ferguson militarized police.


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People resist and fight the police who fired tear gas and rubber bullets, witnesses say they even saw snipers aiming at protestors. Cops also used LRAD on people.

People covering up their ears from LARD, while others hold their hands in the air, right before police unleashing another attack on them.


@syndicalism via @stltoday

 —The cops are just dressing for the job they want: dystopian totalitarian murder thugs. 

Gas cans and crackers being lobbed into people’s front gardens, via @jonswaine

 — From to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime! 

 The militarization of the police has a reason: The bosses see us as the internal enemy. Not in US only. Everywhere.  

 — Antonio French has been arrested and we are currently at the Ferguson jail demanding his release

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#OpFerguson #HandsUp,  Solidarity Protests Sunday 3 PM at Your Local Station. Wherever you are, solidarity has no boundaries:

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@theblogpirate: “Imagine what this little girl from #Ferguson learned about her country and its police today.”

Ferguson police chief, Tim Fitch, seems to have been trained in “counter-terrorism” in Israel by the IDF. 

KKK have started to raise money for the police officer who executed Michael Brown. 

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The night before, around 1 a.m., local police shot another man claiming “he pointed a gun at them”, he’s in critical condition. A woman was also injured by a bullet and taken to the hospital, following a drive-by shooting in Ferguson.


It’s not clear what caused this. Earlier, the standoff between residents and police resulted in police pulling back and protestors retreating. Soon after that, police started to hunt down residents. See timeline of events as reported by witnesses below.

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Residents attacked with tear gas by militarized police.

 — I’ll just say this. Adding a few more black cops to the police department WILL NOT solve this problem. It won’t. 
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capture from this live stream

Police have arrested two journalists, Wesley Lowery of the Washington Post and Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post, because they were posting messages on twitter about the police repression, happening nearby:

“Lowery and Reilly tweeted that they were in a McDonald’s near a demonstration when police came inside and asked patrons to leave. “Officers slammed me into a fountain soda machine because I was confused about which door they were asking me to walk out of,” Lowery tweeted after his release. “Was waiting to be taken away, large black man SCREAMING for help in back of police truck. They refused his calls for paramedics. ‘I’m dying. I’m dying. Please call help’ he screamed. They mocked him.”  Lowery said he was released without paperwork or explanation.”

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pic @WSJ

Al Jazeera crew were also attacked with tear gas by police, see video here. These attacks on journalists are relevant when put in the context: for hours, a right wing outlet was the only one allowed to live stream from Ferguson. 

“Almost all of his propaganda plays into the hands of the extreme right wing in the United States. He dismisses feminism and gay rights as part of a New Word Order plot to reduce the population. He dismisses climate change as a hoax, and backs it up by giving weather reports on Mars. He attacks non-existent, nameless, faceless organizations like the Illuminati but ignores the evils being done by right-wing billionaires like the Koch Brothers.” Why the Alex Jones industrial complex must be dismantled

Local media in Ferguson ignore police violence and brutality and project it on the protestors, inciting more racist propaganda and racist violence against the black community. While not explaining that the police are the ones armed, doing the shooting and inflicting violence on legitimate protestors,  local journalists are actually covering up and justifying police violence against a legitimately enraged black community.


photo AP

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50 years ago and today.


Prosecutors refuse to release information about the police officer who gunned down Mike Brown on August 9, invoking “witnesses’ credibility”. St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch claims they are still gathering data about the killing of Mike Brown and that it will be weeks before they release their information about what happened on August 9 in Ferguson. This contrasts the lack of restrain from the police to release all sorts of data about people protesting.

Trayvon Martin & The Fight Against The New Jim Crow, watch it all here

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Howard University, the historically black college in Washington, D.C. Twitter user @The_Blackness48 posted it, explaining that it wasn’t so much a planned rally as a bunch of students already gathered for a meeting on freshman move-in “and we also felt we needed to respond to the Mike Brown issue.” via MotherJones


St.Louis police aiming at protestor holding his hands up in the air, Ferguson, August 13. Photo: AP

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Kids sending a message, #Ferguson @AnonAustria

from William J Jackson: “They “riot” everyday.”



Huffington Post reporter Ryan J. Reilly being arrested when police officers suddenly closed a Ferguson McDonald’s restaurant on West Florissant Avenue on Wednesday. (Robert Cohen/St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

UPDATES August 12: Protestors in Ferguson resisted and managed to push the army of cops, armed to their teeth, away, after they inflicted more terror on the community. Some 250 residents refused to obey police orders to disperse, and instead kept protesting and yelling at cops to go home, calling them invaders and an occupying force. Armed cops shot gas canisters at people’s heads, tear-gassing them in their own backyards while they stood there with their hands in the air. Earlier today, a no-fly zone was instituted over Ferguson. Protests and clashes are ongoing with police, see below for updates from tonight, livestreams, and other information.

North St. Louis County Fire and EMS Live scanner feed.

St. Louis County Police Dispatch – 1st Precedent scanner feed:
Livestreams: http://fox2now.com/on-air/live-streaming/


More and more police abuses expected to surface:

‏@Lowkey_Mike314  : Spent 24 hours in the Ferguson Jail with 11 other peaceful protestors. Was never read my rights. 

Bank trust fund for the family of Mike Brown: Michael Brown Jr. Trust Fund, Fifth Third Bank, 8013 W Florissant Ave, Jennings, MO 63136: “A bail and legal fund has been established to support the 43 or so people who have been arrested during the anti-police demonstrations in Ferguson, Mo.  Please spread the word widely and help us get some money together to get these people out. Also, we are looking for information on who was arrested so we can get them legal support and bail them out if necessary. If you have a friend or family member who was arrested, please email us their name at antistatestl@riseup.netBu38syqIUAAhCMf Another black man, unarmed, was murdered by the LAPD, protests are expected on Sunday: #EzellFord  Posts above this text are updates, below is the original article, “Ferguson: Justified Resistance to a Racist System” BuxYeGdIUAAHVCn “My son was about to go to college. Do you know how hard it is to have a black man graduate and go to college?” The reporters who documented the pain of the mother of another young black man executed in cold blood by the police in St.Louis were not concerned with that. Instead, they highlighted legitimate riots, calling them “violence and looting” and “insanity” (insane is to accept cops killing your children, not to fight it),  which erupted in Ferguson after the mainstream media ignored the peaceful vigils and protests of the residents.


Cops pointing loaded guns at Ferguson residents protesting 3 days after the execution of Michael Brown.


Army of riot police deployed to quell Ferguson riots.

While a cascade of patronizing opinions poured upon the community’s response to the cops’ execution of a 18 year old, there were no opinions expressed by reporters when they witnessed and recorded cops madly shouting at black people and calling them “animals” just for standing up to them or expressing fury and pain. The relatives of the victim and the residents – scared that next time it could be their kids – are expected by the media and dominant culture in general to hold “peaceful protests” and push for “reforms” that never seem to accomplish any real changes in the face of institutionalized white supremacy. BuyYMs_CcAAkuuz @latinorebels #MikeBrown‘s mother: “We should be celebrating our son’s going to college. We’re planning a funeral now.” 


Mike Brown’s dad: “Ferguson police just executed my unarmed son!”


Benjamin Crump, #MikeBrown family attorney: “Killing of Mike Brown was an execution…To others it’s a cliche, to us it’s our children.”  

swat team taco bell Mike Brown was holding his hands in the air when a cop, firing from his car, shot 2 bullets into his head. The cop then got out of the car and fired multiple shots into the fallen 18-year-old black teenager, who was murdered while walking down a street in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9.


18 year old Mike Brown was about to go to college.

The man in this interview lives in Ferguson, knew Mike personally, and witnessed what happened. He explains that cops lied about Mike Brown stealing, and he that he did not reach for “something” either – this is what cops claim to justify their murder: In the past week, this was (at least) the second execution of a black man by the police; days earlier John Crawford, 22 years old, was shot point blank by a cop because he was holding a toy gun in a Walmart store in the Dayton suburb of Beavercreek, Ohio. His last words to the cop were: “‘It’s not real (the gun).”


John Crawford was executed by these cops for holding a toy gun in the toy department of a Walmart store.

In Ferguson, cops’ first reaction to their execution was to deploy military armored vehicles, and police in riot gear armed with assault riffles to patrol the streets.


Cops’ first reaction to the Ferguson police execution of Mike Brown.

BuuHmJbIEAAgV7H BuvBYMsIEAARHWM This was aimed to scare and intimidate people, who are in mourning and enraged, and was yet another expression of racist state violence inflicted on a black community in shock.  More proof that police are about social control, not justice.

“A 2013 report from the U.S. Department of Justice tracks the militarization of police back to the 1920s, when law-enforcement agencies adopted a more regimented martial style. With the explosion of SWAT deployments since 1980, though, the DOJ frets that the “growing militarization of U.S. policing may be threatening community policing.” It is only in more recent years, though, that police militarization has become so widespread. Nowhere was that clearer this weekend than in Ferguson, where protesters demonstrated with their hands raised in surrender in the vicinity of police—a disgraceful sight in America. At a broader level, there is no research that tracks how police using military tactics and equipment affects civilian safety (or police safety, for that matter).” Read it all, here.

This escalated the legitimate fury of the local population.

@MichaelSkolnik “The police are out of control.”

Riots broke out in Ferguson, with people shouting at the cops, to their face: “Kill the Police“. Windows of the shops were broken, goods were taken, some police cars were destroyed, and police suddenly put on their victim face: “Worst night of my life,” said Ferguson PD Chief Tom Jackson about the looting. This was also the focus of mainstream media whose language and framing of the reality focused on highlighting “the violence and the looting” of the black community (all while whites were also in stores taking goods without paying). It’s one way how the criminalization of black people is perpetuated, and it is paired with reporters failing to call the murder of Mike Brown an execution, instead downplaying it to an “incident”. The family’s lawyer called it an execution, but the community was already framed in the media as “violent, irrational” and inhabited by “looters” and “vandals”. 11 people were arrested, not clear why. Earlier, more were arrested.

‏@thisisKhaledM : “The ultimate sign of white privilege is when people get upset at victims for feeling hurt. #MikeBrown”   @TefPoe: We were protesting peacefully but the news crews left because we weren’t acting irrationally…” 


“What happened was necessary to show the police that they don’t run everything,” watch it here.

The criminalization of the black community was even more clear when there was no outrage by the media at police withholding information about the execution of Mike Brown. They did not release any information, not even to the victim’s family:

“Following the shooting, police sectioned off the area and left Brown’s body lying in the streets for hours as the community looked on in anger, hurt, and rage. As the crowds grew and organized into a protest, over 100 cops with assault rifles, shotguns, and dogs were called in to ‘protect the crime scene.’”   

BusgCE3CQAAaCk5 10525692_10152667912697755_6066915923390752580_n This contrasts with how Mike Brown will be remembered: “if I leave this earth today,” he wrote to a friend, “at least you’ll know I care about others more than i cared about my damn self.” Watch video of the community protesting the execution of Mike Brown. “You don’t do a dog like that,” said Lesley McSpadden, mother of Mike Brown. “They didn’t let me identify him or anything,” she said. “It was some girls down there that had recorded the whole thing, took pictures, and she showed me a picture on her phone. She said ‘ain’t this your son’ and I just bawled even harder…just to see my son laying there like this for no apparent reason.” 10574534_350670558419846_3873596179992421451_n 2014_8_11_missourishooting BuuLukWIAAMW5HQ Outrage at the police caught international attention: the international computer hacker group Anonymous warned they would release the names and addresses of all police officers involved in the execution of Mike Brown: #OpFerguson The FBI announced they would supplement the police in investigating the killing. However, police’ self-victimization was immediately enforced to downplay their institutional responsibility in the murder.

“Before the candlelight vigil Sunday night, There is only one street in and out and they blocked that access. So people that wanted to come and peacefully pay their respects were basically told oh, it’s a danger zone. Literally a cop told me when I tried to cross a barricade “don’t go down there, you’re going to get shot.” They shouted taunts, they had an extreme police presences, it was aggressive. It’s like they wanted what happened to happen. It became an occupation as soon as this young man died. ”

10152578_10202498894144157_3207792623728684114_n BuyjzAxCUAENMa6 10565075_710501809029536_3960425043882101955_n As the Ferguson riots reflect those of 40 years ago, the execution of black young men by the police cannot be disconnected from the history of racism Ferguson is seeing some of the highest racial segregationand economic oppression endured by blacks. As explained here, Ferguson is “a place where it’s easy for the economic recovery to bypass the poor”.

“White fear has manifested itself in outright violence post-slavery through the imposition of Jim Crow segregation. … White fear has systematically and by design demolished and suppressed black wealth, mobility, and familial progress for over three centuries. What we are witnessing today is no accident. When black families were lynched, whites would congregate, often taking pictures with the corpses of black bodies post-mortem.  While we rarely see hanging nooses now, we often see dead, dying, or demoralized black bodies struggling for humanity in streets, Walmarts, apartment hallways, etc. We see them and their purpose is identical. You don’t have to be white to suffer from white fear. White fear causes upper-class black people to whitewash and downplay their own blackness just to achieve social ‘success.’ … White fear is the single greatest cause of death for black people today and has been so since this country’s inception. White fear.” Read it all, here:  White Fear: The Single Greatest Killer of Black People in the US

BuykMb6IUAEeuhH The Ferguson struggle is ongoing, and protests have continued into Monday:

Follow the struggle live on Twitter, and keep checking back with us for updates.

Videos of the aftermath of police executing Mike Brown: – police lined up


– Vigil for the victim

– riots against the police

There has been notable support for Mike’s family and community. The family’s attorney said Trayvon Martin’s father reached out to Michael Brown’s family, and local activist Sylvester Brown Jr. wrote a commemorative piece for Mike Brown:

Now, for this brief moment, you see me.   As we gather in throngs, angrily, defiantly, desperately confronting your apathy, your arrogance, your utter disdain…you see me.   Now, after killing me; shooting me down like a rabid pup, leaving my body on the cold, cold ground for hours, like garbage…you hear me.   As my 18-year-old blood soaks into our concrete detention, you fear me.   Now, as I once again face German Sheppard’s and M-16’s held in the shaky, sweaty hands of mentally pubescent, conditioned “heroes”.…you feel me.   I am the subject of “Today’s News”; the analysis of stale analysis, the giant awakened by a blast of unrestrained, unnoticed and unchecked indifference.   And you…now, you’ve come home…if only for the moment.   Like absentee parents, you revisit the nightmare you abandoned to chase “the Dream.”  Where were you while poverty and unemployment mounted…while they packed the children of your parent’s parents in prisons, herded your kin into Gateway ghettos and stereotyped us all into irrelevance?   Your impotent call for calm is too late, even though my blaze validates your worth.   This is the “fire next time.” It is St. Louis finally claiming its 1960’s moment. It is the vomit that spews after a centuries-long diet of naked injustice. It is the protruding pus from a rancid, untreated wound. It is the communal outcry to the manifesto of systemized, antiseptic assassination.   Now, as I run your streets, trashing your QuikTrips and looting your Taco Bells; as I gag on tear gas and defiantly await rubber to turn to lead, you see me as you’ve always projected me: angry, reckless, violent, out-of-control, in need of restraint.   I am different…but not.   If only, in this brief moment, you can really see the “me” that is us, that is we. – Sylvester Brown, Jr. / August 10, 2014

Watch below a 3 hour documentary on racism and read more into how racism is constructed and used as a weapon in the class warfare waged upon society the ruling classes, and read how it can be fought. History of racism, part 1, part 2, part 3.


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