FBI Creates Halloween Revolt Hoax



The New York post reports that there is an alert being sent out to various police departments, including the NYPD, of a “Halloween Revolt” planned by a supposed Anarchist group called the “National Liberation Militia” – who the FBI says are suggesting people should wear Guy Fawkes masks and randomly attack police officers with bricks and bottles.

The author of the article responded on Twitter when asked how she arrived at the conclusion that Anarchists were behind this supposed militia:

She went on to admit that the group may not even exist.

imagesIf you know anything about Anarchism, the first thing you’ll notice is that you’ve never heard of this group, because they don’t exist – at least not offline. The second thing you might notice is that this alleged group is called the “‘National’ Liberation Militia.”

Not only is Anarchism internationalist in all of its true forms, but the left as a whole has mostly rejected the term “militia” as it has been associated almost exclusively with the far right for decades. Check out this statement released by the 5th of November Facebook Page, which details online infiltration of Anonymous groups by these so called “anarchists.”

Anonymous has been infiltrated like it has never has been before. The feds have made Anonymous Pages, Groups, Threads, and I.R.C’s. Initiating a heavy recruiting process. Information suggest the groups behind these actions are N.L.M. National Liberation Militia) and SEVEN SIXTY FIVE Movement.

They have infiltrated anonymous groups and pages, and have created many anonymous pages related to NLM and SEVEN SIXTY FIVE Movement. For example: NLM Anonymous Sec, They look for anons that are mostly young, pro marijauna, anti­cop, and anti­gov, those that show pics of guns and appear trigger happy, all there recruits are casualties of war.

They take these casualties of war and promise them freedom from there supposed crimes, in return for freedom these casualties of war are turning fed, Creating several profiles to recruit under the feds agenda.

Things get a little more interesting here, but not by much. The Anonymous statement links the 765 movement to the supposed NLM movement. Turns out, the “765 movement” seems to be a figment of the imagination of a young man living in Indiana.

Still, no evidence of a “National Liberation Militia” exists, but there is a court document where a lone Indiana man claimed affiliation with a group called the “765 Anarchists.” This far right aspiring cop killer was caught with explosives and is waiting to go to trial after being arrested last year.

This statement from the 5th of November came out one day after the New York Post article that spurred the mainstream media to pick up this story and spread these dangerous lies. CBS suggested that Halloween could be like the anti capitalist uprising in Seattle 1999, and went on to talk about a 60 minutes interview where an anarchist who was part of the Seattle uprising said; “We want to pose a credible threat to the biggest, most powerful people in the world.”

This is true, and Anarchists are intelligent enough to know that throwing bricks and bottles at cops on Halloween night – while wearing the mask of a Catholic who tried to re-install a monarch – will not achieve this goal. If you want to learn more about Anarchism and actual Anarchists, check out infoshop.org’s “Anarchist FAQ.”

Of course, Fox News gets the prize for creating the most ridiculous rendition of the original NY Post article, for releasing a video in which their anchor claims that the NLM was created by former members of the original Black Panther Party.

But the award for most ridiculous tweet goes to Fox & Friends favorite self hating black man, Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke. Clarke recently went viral for saying that “there is no police brutality in America,” and that the Black Lives Matter movement will soon join forces with ISIS to overtake the United States. He tweeted a fear mongering blog based on the original New York post article shortly after, citing it as proof of his absurd prophecy in action.

There is literally no evidence to substantiate any of these claims. Even if the 765 “anarchists” are indeed a real group, and are associated with the so called NLM like the Nov 5th statement claims they are – they are NOT black panthers, and certainly have nothing to do with the Black Lives Matter movement. They are white militia men, with no interest in liberating black people from white supremacy. What’s more likely is that they’re a bunch of federal agents sitting behind keyboards.

This is nothing more than a smear campaign on anarchists (and apparently black activists if you’re Fox or David Clarke) put forth by the FBI just in time for Halloween, on a night when there will likely be disruptive protests all over the country. Every person in a Guy Fawkes mask will be a potential target for police violence or murder on Halloween night, including children. anonkids This is an absolute outrage, and since most of our team and supporters are Anarchists and/or Anons, we need to set the record straight on this absurd propaganda campaign against us. If there was a real anarchist group called the “National Liberation Militia,” you can bet your ass that we’d know about them – but this whole situation is a ruse by the state and nothing more than a half assed, modern version of COINTELPRO.

We would also like to remind you that the author of the original New York Post article has refused to reveal her sources, and we’re wondering if she’s just made this whole thing up at this point.

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