Facebook Removes Carlos Latuff Cartoon from Revolution News Page Without Explanation


Yesterday we published an article titled Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Proves Long Bedfellow of Greece’s Ruling Party in Leaked Tape. Many of our contributors are fans of Carlos Latuff’s political cartoons, and regularly promote his work in our media. There were three of his cartoons published in the article. As we do with everything we publish, we shared it through our Facebook page by uploading the link with a powerful image.

It is our policy to always make a concentrated effort to stay within the Facebook community standards with the images we post on our page. All of us are quite upset that this has happened, and question why this image was perceived to be against Facebook community standards. We would very much like a response from FB as to why it was removed.

This is not the first time in recent months that FB has allowed users to flag down posts that are within community standards. Not long ago, the FB page Anarchist Memes was actually unpublished (and later re-published) because transphobic individuals took it upon themselves to report trans positive images. FB also briefly censored an article about the situation. This time, we can only assume it was a concentrated effort from fascists that brought down this cartoon.

The most disturbing thing is that multiple flags alone will not take down a Facebook post. A FB employee has to make that call, and time and time again, Facebook’s willingness to contract cheap labor in countries where workers are severely exploited has backfired. Check out this article which explains how FB outsources labor and sometimes pays workers as little as 1$ an hour.

Today when our 42 Facebook page admins from 12 different nations logged in, we all received a series of warning screens. Our admin who shared the Latuff image received a 12 hour ban from FB.

The first log-in checkpoint notified us that FB had removed the Latuff image and information we posted with it, but didn’t offer any reason as to why.

latuffThe second screen asked if we would like to temporarily un-publish our Facebook page in order to make sure its content is within ‘community standards.’ Thankfully, all of us chose to not un-publish the page, lest we hinder our efforts to satisfy the 261k+ FB users who follow us for our content.


The second checkpoint warning screen, like the first one, offered no legitimate explanation for the removal of the image. We did not receive any messages from Facebook on the Revolution News page, and none of our admins were contacted by FB to explain why the image was reported.

We have attempted to contact FB and would like to encourage everyone to help us get a response by up-voting our question we have posted in Facebook’s community help section.


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Jennifer Baker is the founder and editor of Revolution News revnewsmedia@gmail.com