Extended Video Of Tamir Rice Killing Reveals Tragic Aftermath


Cleveland city officials have released the extended cctv video footage captured after a rookie police officer gunned down 12-year-old Tamir Rice in a city park on Nov. 22. The entire interaction between Cleveland police officers and 12yr old Tamir Rice takes place within two seconds.

The video begins with Tamir sitting alone on a city park bench. It appears that Tamir sees the police car arriving before the car comes into view. He gets up and slowly begins to walk toward the vehicle. When police arrive to the scene you can see Tamir slowly walk up to the vehicle, apparently knowing why they are there he begins to lift his shirt in what one would assume to be an act of showing them that what he had was a toy, not a real gun. Yet Tamir never got the chance to explain himself.

The police officer in the passenger seat lurches out of the car and fires his weapon at Tamir within two seconds of the car stopping, giving the impression that the officer never had any other intention. One can only come to the conclusion that as they pulled up this officer had his gun drawn and was ready to use it.

Adding to the horror that Tamir Rice’s family must be going through during this holiday season. We see Tamir’s older sister try and run up to help her little brother, when she is then slammed to the ground by one of the officers. Understandably she continues to try and get to a place where she can help her brother. After a couple of minutes the two Officers put her in handcuffs and placed her in the back of the police vehicle right next to where her brother lay on the ground suffering from his gunshot wounds. It is obvious from the video that she was there in the back of the police car where she could see her brother laying on the ground for the next 10 minutes before Tamir was rolled away on a stretcher.

At approximately 7:30 seconds after Tamir was shot we see the ambulance arrive. It takes another full minute for them to slowly walk over to where Tamir lays on the ground. Considering that Tamir Rice was alive for the next 16 hours following being shot and the lackadaisical approach of the paramedics to the scene, we have to wonder if the proper medical response was even delivered.

Our hearts go out to the Rice family. We can only hope that Justice will be served.



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