Europe Stands in Solidarity with Massive #OXI (No) Vote Rally in Athens Greece


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Tens of thousands have gathered this evening in Syntagma Square outside the Parliament in Athens, Greece to reaffirm their intent to vote OXI (no) to more EU bailouts and continued austerity. Just two days before Sunday’s historic referendum vote that gives the Greek people the right to choose whether to accept or reject the proposed EU bailout conditions.

People are still arriving at the rally in Athens at the time of publishing, but the crowd is so massive that public transportation is congested and people are filling the areas around Syntagma. CJAo0ReWIAAcNu9

Video of  the massive rally in Syntagma Square Greece

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras speaks to the people at the rally. (english voice over)

People packed in the Metro arriving at the OXI rally in Syntagma.

In Paris, France another 10,000 march in solidarity with the people of Greece calling for an end to austerity.

Rome, Italy

Venice, Italy

Milan, Italy

Brussels, Belgium 

Berlin, Germany

Catalunya, Barcelona

Glasgow Scotland



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