You Have Enough Data, Make Use of It: An Anonymous Perspective


On a recent evening in Baghdad, Usaid Barho -14 years old at that time- approached the gate of a Shiite mosque. Under his jacket explosives. His mind confused. Around him people, innocent people. Usaid was a kid, played soccer, loved Jackie Chan movies and adored the beautiful Lebanese pop singer Nancy Ajram. However, this day made his hardest decision for “They [ISIS] seduced him to join the caliphate“ yet he surrendered himself to the guards.


Why I tell you the story of Usaid Barho? Usaid is just among a few kids who made another decision while a lot of kids have killed themselves. We always saw the media criticizing Anonymous for its actions, I thought maybe it’s time we look upon ourselves.

First of all; Yes, we know that ISIS uses social media to gain attention, not only for media outlets but also for fellow jihadists. Most of them young. Exchanging phone numbers, addresses, maybe a meeting with respected people linked to ISIS. During the last days, and also months several factions inside the Anonymous collective have launched #opIceISIS and #opCharlieHebdo. DDoSing websites, taking down twitter accounts.

Sounds great or?

Despite the fact that we are killing our last source from inside those groups and the fact that these actions have not had any impact in real life, despite these things it sounds great. Usaid wasn’t using facebook or twitter. He had been recruited by people known to ISIS from a mosque in his hometown. If we now consider to move more towards a direct method, these operations could end like opZeta did back in 2011. With kidnappings, even killings. Since 4 days the mainstream media is covering #opCharlieHebdo but I can’t see any results at all, to be honest I don’t even expect this operation to rescue future Usaids. It seems to be more an operation which (mis-)uses the current state of media coverage and interests in this topic. It’s impact either can’t be
seen neither I expect this operation to rescue future Usaids. We shouldn’t be angry about things we don’t know about, we should be angry towards those people who have the power to know everything.

We have a huge control and surveillance mechanism, why not make use of it? The suspects were known to the french police, were on the blacklist of the US Government, even one was known for his training in Yemen by Al Qaeda. They were interviewed and for the authorities it looked like these people would change. They did not. The same people killed innocent people in the core of Europe a few months later.

Interviewing those people and expecting not to hear “Yes, I will kill a few people during the next months.“ shouldn’t be an excuse. Deporting those kids will not deport the problem we have with ISIS. It will come back. It came back in Boston, it came back in Sydney, it came back in Paris. It was easy to influence Usaid to join ISIS but he was clever enough to leave them.

Prosecute those who played with Usaids life!

Prosecute those who have sent these young people to Paris.

Again; you have enough data, make use of it.


Submitted by Anonymous

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