Egypt: Mohamed Soltan found unconscious and bleeding from the mouth in his cell


Mohamed Soltan is a 26 year old Egyptian-American. He is a graduate of Ohio State University with a BA in Economics. He left his job in the US with an oil services firm and moved to Egypt in March 2013 to care for his mother who was diagnosed with cancer and his brother who is also ill.

On August 25 2013, police arrested Mohamed when they came looking for his father, Salah Soltan, who is a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood. When they did not find his father, they arrested Mohamed and several of his friends. Mohamed has been in jail ever since then. He has been subjected to torture, held under inhumane conditions, denied access to his attorneys, family visits and adequate heath care.

Mohamed has been on hunger strike for more than 230 days. Some alarming recent tweets by Soltan’s attorney, Mohamed Helmy, have been translated below:

Update on the case of Mohamed Soltan by his lawyer Mohamed Helmy in regards to action that will be taken on his next trial session, September 23:

  • Two days ago we were told that Mohamed Soltan was found unconscious in his cell with blood coming out of his mouth.
  • After that we got news, a few hours later, that Mohamed Soltan was transferred to intensive care but we failed to identify the location of the ICU.
  • Was he transferred to the ICU externally in a hospital or was he transferred to the prison hospital? Note that, according to our information, there isn’t an ICU in Tora prison.
  • What we were told is that there is a serious deterioration in the health of Mohamed Soltan especially since his last trial, a medical report was delivered to his father warning him of the degree of Soltan’s Haemophilia.
  • Earlier this week, Mohamed Soltan’s family went to his weekly visit in prison, but the visit did not take place and the administration told the family of Soltan’s refusal of the visit.
  • It is well known that this is not true because Mohamed Soltan will not refuse his family’s visit, in fact the prison administration doesn’t want anyone to see him [in this condition]right now.
  • And we don’t know specifically the reasons for the prison administration’s hiding of Mohamed Soltan’s condition. Did his health reach a state of deterioration that they don’t want anyone to see?
  • There is nothing left for us to use except for our capacity as Mohamed Soltan’s defense team to insist on entering the cage to see the extent of his deteriorating health in the next trial session.
  • In the event of Mohamed Soltan’s inability to attend the next trial session, this will mean that he is in a critical condition.
  • In the case of Soltan’s inability to attend the next session, as his lawyer in this case, I will be pulling out of the hearing until the court is unable to continue on with the procedures.
  • And that is until the court decides on this matter and looks into considering his release.


We will be following the next trial session on September 23 and update if Mohamed is able to attend and what exactly his current health situation is right now. Please follow hashtag #FreeSoltan as well for updates.

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