Egypt: Alaa Abdel Fattah Released on Bail


Prominent Egyptian activist Alaa Abdel Fattah along with 2 other Shura Council detainees, Wael Metawally and Ahmed Abdel Rahman “Nouby” have been released on bail today.

In a surprise move the judge presiding over Alaa’s case has stepped down and was referred for investigation due to personal videos taken from Alaa’s laptop illegally that were shown as evidence against him. Further reports from the most recent court session indicate conflicting reports from police officers were admitted into evidence along with other videos from private TV stations showing random civilians running from police officers but nothing that included Alaa.

Alaa was serving a 15 year sentence for violating Egypt’s protest law, one of the harshest sentences that has been given to activists since the draconian protest law was passed in fall 2013. He had been on hunger strike along with many others that are both in prison and outside of Egyptian jails in protest of all those who have been arrested for expressing their rights to assemble peacefully in public.

Alaa has been arrested and imprisoned under each of Egypt’s 5 heads of state since Mubarak and was one of the most visible activists during 2011 Egyptian revolution. Alaa’s sister Sanaa Seif is still in jail for violating the protest law. Alaa’s father, prominent human rights activist and attorney Ahmed Seif, passed away in late August.

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