Ireland’s Communities Unite; From the Rivers to the Sea Irish Water will be Free


Dublin Says NO

Dublin Says NO – The Irish government has attempted to push through water charges which they claim to be part of the troika bailout agreement. They have peddled the news that we must pay for our water. What they fail to mention is that we already pay for water in this country.

There were massive protests against water charges in 1996 and the Government scrapped charges and instead put 5 % on to car tax and 2% vat to cover this cost.

VideoDirected and edited by Marcus Howard. A selection of speeches and short interviews with many non-political groups who are opposing the water charges and Irish Water. The protest was called Lockout 2014 and was hosted by a selection of non-political groups. Many people also returned their letters from Irish Water with “Return to Sender No Consent No Contract” in the GPO (which will feature in another video). Despite the huge number who turned out the protest was not covered by RTE.

From the start of the Year GMC SIERRA working on behalf of Irish Water have attempted to install Meter outside peoples homes. They have come up against fierce opposition in estates all across Ireland. What began in Togher and Cork Quickly spread to Raheny in Dublin and is now happening all over Ireland.

Today over 3,500 people gathered on the streets of Dublin in the first big push against water meters and water charges.

11 people were arrested today all from sitting down and by doing so blocking O'Connell outside the GPO. Images via

11 people were arrested today all from sitting down and by doing so blocking O’Connell outside the GPO.
Images via

Video: Reading of the Proclamation inside the GPO. Protesters entered the GPO to post back their letters to Irish Water and while inside they stood for the reading of the proclamation if 1916 and then they sang the National anthem.


image via Jeff Rudd

We will be returning back to the streets in early october for another protest against water charges. This charge is the straw that broke the camels back. The Irish people have had enough of the Austerity regime dished out by the Irish Government and the EU.  The Right2WaterIreland Campaign will host a major national demonstration calling for the abolition of water charges on Saturday, 11th October at 2pm. Details

Irish people are sickened to learn that we paid 42% of the European banking crisis. We were patronised that we were the Good boys of Europe and what did we get ? NOTHING . The Greeks rose up and made a stand and got 50% of their debts written down. This is the beginning of the End for the Irish Government

Regards Dublin Says NO

water protest blocking o'Connell street image via Keith Phelan

water protest blocking o’Connell street
image via Keith Phelan

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