Don’t let Sharod Kindell Die In A Denver Jail


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Sharod KindellAlmost exactly a year ago Sharod Kindell was nearly murdered by Jeff Dimanna while he was on a routine run to the grocery store to get some baby formula for a friend. As he pulled into a driveway to turn around, he was bum-rushed by killer cop Jeff Dimanna who blocked him in and told him to get out of the car. Sharod then asked for a warrant at which point the officer grabbed him through the window.

Officer Jeff Dimanna then opens fire. As Sharod puts his hands up, Dimanna fires through his palm. Sharod is nearly killed with bullets grazing major arteries, he is then locked in jail for a number of trumped up felonies and is jailed for allegedly trying to attack the officer with his car. Jeff Dimanna is the same officer that killed Ryan Ronquillo only a few months before and is involved in numerous other shooting deaths of people of color (See The Jurado Brothers).

Sharod’s story never became a popular meme, because he survived and suffered the fate of so many black men in this country; he lavished in jail. The same jail where Marvin Booker was killed and Michael Marshall was murdered by sheriffs only a month ago. Recently a new Sheriff, Patrick Firman has been sworn in, promising transparency and reform but has given neither; choosing to not release the video of Michael Marshall’s death and covering for the violent correction officers that allowed Michael Marshall to choke to death on his own vomit as they beat him.

A year later Sharod sat in jail where a bullet remains in his leg near his femoral artery. During this time Sharod has faced almost daily harassment, guards have come into his cell and confiscated his books and belongings, including carbon copies of the legal documentation he has filed against the Sheriffs. Over the past few months, Sharod had filed over 30 written complaints about pain in his leg, pleading for pain meds, all of which were denied. On Wednesday, January 15th doctors determined that Sharod’s complaints were valid, and found shrapnel from the bullet still remained in his leg and was poisoning him. Had the bullet fragment and not been removed this week, he could have died. Although his leg was found to be infected he has not been given pain meds or antibiotics and his family fears for his life.

They are calling for people to email the Denver Sheriff and urge for him to gain immediate access to antibiotics, pain meds, proper medical care, and to end the constant harassment and intimidation against him.

Please send polite, yet firm emails to: assistant to the Denver Sheriff

Correctional Care Coordinator Email:
Demand that Sharod receive the proper care he needs to survive this surgery.

Call & Demand immediate access to antibiotics, pain meds, proper medical care, and to end the constant harassment and intimidation against Sharod Kindell.

Mayor Hancock office 720-220-8165, Amber Miller communications director.

***Update: They gave Sharod some tylenol***

Communique from his family:

Today Sharod Kindell had surgery to remove a bullet fragment that was left in his leg from being shot Jan 9th, 2015. The bullet had been causing Sharod serious and excruciating pain. He has not received the antibiotics or the pain meds. The hospital returned him to his unit in the jail for recovery. At this minute they do not even have him in the medical unit recovering, they have him in the normal 8 man pod with a brand new wound. I am at a loss about what to do. He has filed so many grievances that they have fallen on deaf ears.

This new Sheriff has promised that there would be less infractions under his watch. He stated that the relationship with the community and transparency would be better. This is not true in the case of Sharod Kindell.

1. For four months an inmate (Sharod Kindell ) has been complaining about pain with no action taken.

2. This inmate had to write the hospital personally to request a visit

3. The hospital stated that it has ordered medicine for the inmate. The jail has not dispensed any medication in the entire four months that the inmate has been in custody. Sharod has walked up to the med line every day and been told every day that there is nothing there for him. It is on your cameras please investigate this for yourselves.

4. The inmate was returned to a regular unit after surgery to care for his self after. The bullet that shouldn’t have been left in his body in the first place, was removed  only to be in pain, sick and left to care for himself. This qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment.

No inmate can be denied medical care including pain medication and antibiotics.

We have a simple demand. It is broad and all inclusive.

1. Sharod Kindell needs proper medical care. That includes but is not limited to antibiotics and pain medication. The community is concerned and we will email and call until our concerns are addressed.

We understand that HIPPA laws limit you from releasing Sharods medical information. That blanket response is not an adequate response as we have access to Sharod and he is an adult who has and will continue to sign whatever medical waivers are needed for the community to help him get care.

Please direct all concerned email to: assistant to the Denver Sheriff

Correctional Care Coordinator Email: (Although the belief is that Denver health is in charge of the medical unit at the Denver Detention Center this person is the actual person that is control of what happens at the medical unit at Denver Detention Center.)

For or more information check Free Sharod Kindell FB Page.



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