Denver PD arrests Paul Castaway protesters, not the driver who hit them


by Jesse Benn


On July 20, 2015, demonstrators convened outside a hotel where Colorado police chiefs were staying during a conference in Denver.

Among the group were family and friends of Paul Castaway, a Native American man who was recently killed by Denver police officer Mike Lee Traudt.

The police had been called because Castaway was suicidal, and in need of help. According to eyewitnesses and video footage reviewed by FOX News reporter Tammy Vigil, Castaway was standing with a knife to his own throat when Traudt murdered him.

The official story from the Denver Police Department (DPD) was drastically different than what this eyewitness and video footage revealed – claiming Castaway lunged at officers with a knife.

At the point in the demonstration this video begins the DPD had just started arresting people – starting with a local videographer who was targeted out of the group and violently arrested.

The police officers then order the demonstrators back across the street. This puts them in harms way, as the street had not been closed off.

shot-2015-07-28_22-17-33Shortly after, an angry driver, who was distracted because he’d paused to yell at other demonstrators and didn’t look up before hitting the gas, rams his SUV into two women.

Immediately after this, rather than take interest in the man who just hit two people with his car, or the safety of the two victims, the DPD protect the driver and instead violently arrest a well-known activist. She suffered a concussion and other injuries. As far as I know the driver was not ticketed or otherwise charged.

Not long after this, the DPD arrested me as well – for the second time in just a few months.

Worse yet, they arrested one of the women hit by the SUV. They literally took her from an ambulance to handcuffs, to the back of a police car and to jail.

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