Days of Police Terror and Racism in Europe: 20,000 Police Go Hunting for Poor Migrants

Italian navy rescue asylum seekers

These people are not criminals, they are the victims of Europe’s centuries long colonialism, imperialism, racism and capitalism, running for their lives. Smash Fortress Europe.

“An operation to deport , code-named “According to our ancestors’ custom”. The EU is a vile, sordid parody of .”

20,000 police have been unleashed in 25 states in Europe to go hunting for poor migrants; they will stake out border crossings, railway stations, bus depots, and highways. Their official excuse is that they want to combat human-smuggling rings; like in reality these rings could possibly function without police covering up for them. People are to be considered criminals for having no papers and thrown into jails.

STOP REPRESSION (This operation is) tolerance towards institutional racism and state terrorism. Racist operation in Europe between October 13-26 2014.

 Our own collective crime is called  .
: European Union is targeting refugees. needs to be stopped.
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@Souidos Civilian cops check immigrants in #Stockholm Metro Station T-CENTRALEN #now @MapMosMaiorum #MosMaiorum #antireport

In fact this whole operation known as Mos Maiorum (which means “the way of the elders” from which ancient Romans derived their social norms) is built on racist policing of poor migrant workers with the intent of socially cleansing them; this is even more visible since there is no action taken against employees who abuse these poor migrants by using them as cheap labor or not even paying them at all. This has been proven so many times in Europe, the latest outrageous proof of EU-enforced racism came with the acquittal of the Greek farmer who shot 28 Bangladeshi wage slavers. Horrible abuses have been endured by migrant defenceless workers in UK, Germany, women in particular are exposed to being used as servants and slaves in housework in Europe. There is no action by EU against police who literally turn Europe Fortress into a death trap for desperate war refugees; or even beat them to death with impunity.

Video of Spanish police assisting the murder of migrants by Moroco border police:

‏@b9AcE Stockholm Central Station: Undercover cops doing racial profiling #MosMaiorum anti-refugee raid. (v @alexandra_scope)

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#StopRaids: “Did you know…?

  • You don’t have to sign papers letting immigration officers into your home or shop.
  • During a raid, you don’t have to answer any questions about your immigration status when immigration officers or the police ask you.
  • You are legally entitled to leave if you haven’t been arrested.

Tower Hamlets is one of the London boroughs currently being targeted by ‘Operation Skybreaker’, a 5-month plan by the Home Office to stop illegal working. We believe immigration raids are racist & we can fight them if we work together.

To find out more about your legal rights & talk about what we can do to defend our communities against immigration raids and arrests, come to our public meeting on November 13th, 6-8pm at the Praxis Centre, Pott St, Bethnal Green E2 0EF.

Organised by the Anti Raids Network & Right to Remain.” Find out more here in English, in Italian here, in French here, in German here.

RT: Paremos la gran redada racista contra inmigrantes. Paremos la operación  
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INFO spread by comrades in #Sweden about #MosMaiorum in several languages @MapMosMaiorum

These realities expose Mos Maiorum as being actually a confirmation of EU’s racist and abusive policies towards poor people who are forced to flee their homes due to European states’ colonialism, imperialism, theft of resources, and wars. It’s a police operation through which the criminalization of poor workers is further enforced as an official policy of the EU. It’s also a propaganda maneuver to further consolidate racist and anti-human Fortress Europe. It’s simply incredible that in 21st century European politicians can place papers and fictional borders above the life of the most vulnerable people who come to Europe out of the need to survive; even more so when papers and borders prove to be institutional tools of enduring and perpetuating Europe’s historical racism.

“These migrants are, in most cases, people who escaped dangerous homelands and are searching for safe and dignified living conditions, according to Karl Kopp, director of European affairs at ProAsyl, a German non-profit foundation. “Mos Maiorum is an anti-refugee operation,” said Kopp. “Refugees are a target of this operation, let’s be clear.”

“Look at me,” he told Al Jazeera at Oranienplatz, a meeting point for the refugee community in the centre of Berlin. “I am a human being, just like you. I have two eyes, I have a mouth, so why do they treat me different? Why say I am illegal?” Read here the rest of here AlJazeera’s report


In Munich, refugees are forced to sleep on the streets

These shameful and abusive policies enforced by the EU against refugees are actually a fabrication by EU bureaucrats to justify racist policies driven by white supremacy, patriarchal and capitalistic mentality, built against the most vulnerable. 20,000 refugees are killed in the name of this policy before they even get to Europe. Such policies also fuel the far right agenda, a reality which is not at all disturbing for Bruxelles. How many police were sentenced for migrants’ deaths? Frontex is dead silent on this.

“This operation is reinforcing the fantasy of a criminal invasion in Europe. Frontex is used as a tool to implement discriminatory policies, and contributes to the violation of the rights of migrants and refugees, as demonstrated by the Frontexit campaign. In spite of calls by civil society, the UN and the Council of Europe for facilitated access to the territory of the EU and for an end to the growing death toll at the borders, the objectives of the Mediterranean Task Force have yet to be translated into concrete action. The absence of common rescue and reception mechanisms for migrants and refugees is at odds with the frenetic development of security-focused policies. Mafia and criminal networks would not exist if legal entry channels were available to migrants and refugees.” Read more, here.

If arrested, the migrants are to face such abuses, and then they will be forcefully deported, irrespective if they will be send to their death. SS German guards with links to neo-Nazi groups abused asylum seekers:

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Europeans have joined efforts to defend migrants from police’s terror which will last until October 26; here are some things people who are targeted by cops could do to avoid falling victims to them:

No human is illegal:



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