Day of Action Against Education Reforms in Italy


Students resist a violent police charge in Milan – Image credit Riccardo Siano

Friday was a day of action throughout Italy against the “good school” education reforms approved by the Renzi government.

Students, Staff and supporters organized under the hashtag #nobuonascuola (No Good School) are adamantly opposed to the education and job act reforms the Renzi government tries to impose.

Students accuse the government of intending to privatize the currently free public education system and turn schools into factories for the job market; while at the same time denying the poor access to education.

The ‘good school’ reforms will also change how schools are managed, giving the headmasters sole authority to decide on who is a good teacher, on the basis of evaluation criteria that absolutely ignores student demands. This new criteria is established to evaluate the productivity of the teachers, without looking at the quality of the teaching and alters the purpose of producing aspiring individuals with a critical consciousness in favor of entry level workers, further increasing the class divide.

In Rome, more than two thousand students, summoned by the self-organized collective, gathered in Pyramid before marching to the Ministry of Education where they reached the teachers union COBAS. Given the massive turnout the procession continued to the House to bring the protest under the windows of the heads of the wicked policies of the government. During the march students denounced the Feltrinelli company, the publishing giant among those responsible for the high cost of books that weighs on many families. After the march, the students decided to finish with an assembly at the Pantheon to discuss how to continue the fight. An initiative that the political police, the Digos, tried to prevent by all means doing deploy fast to block the students. After a few tense moments and jostling by the agents, the students were able to make it to the Pantheon and had the opportunity to come together.


In Naples 10,000 people including students and teachers have found themselves marching through the streets of the city in an attempt to reach Confindustria, the main promoter of school Renzi’s school reform. The police reacted with a violent charge ( video below ). Kicks and beatings, two students arrested and three injured, one of which ended up in hospital with his teeth smashed. One thousand students then marched on to the police station, blocking traffic to demand the release of those arrested.

In Turin, a thousand students gathered in Piazza Arbarello. Present were students from high schools and vocational schools; some of these have marched in a wild procession starting from schools to achieve the concentration in the square. The gathering brought the police out in force, the march then headed to the Turin headquarters of the Ministry of Education, which was then targeted with a full launch of rotten eggs.

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The procession then tried to reach the Mole Antonelliana but found itself in front of a major police deployment. Then people headed to the headquarters of the RAI (media outlet) which is also scrutinized for it’s scandalous role of one-sided propaganda in favor of the “Good School” played by public television in recent months. The march then headed for the filing of GTT, the Turin public transport company, busy for half an hour to protest the high cost of transport that places increasing pressure on young people. Finally, students and professors headed back to the university campus for an assembly Einaudi.


In Milan, nearly 4,000 students, temporary schools and teachers left out from Largo Cairoli and headed for the Pirelli Tower. Once in via Pola, under the Regional Education Office of the Lombardy region, the procession had to face a massive deployment of police, equipped with armored vehicles and officers in riot gear. A violent police charge which wounded six demonstrators, including a professor who was take from the scene by ambulance for their injuries. The march ended with a meeting between students and professors to decide how to continue the demonstrations.

Video shows the march in Milan blocked by a large police deployment outside the Regional Education Office.

Report partially translated from Infoaut

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