Daniel Holtzclaw Guilty on 18 of 36 Charges of Raping, Assaulting 13 Black Women


Daniel Holtzclaw
Oklahoma – A jury has found ex-Oklahoma police officer Daniel Holtzclaw guilty on 18 of the 36 charges he faced for sexually assaulting at least 13 black women.

For each of the 36 counts, the jurors, who were all white, were tasked with both determining the verdict and, in the case of a guilty verdict, recommending a sentence. They recommended 263 years.

Holtzclaw was found guilty of six counts of sexual battery, three counts of lewd exhibition, four counts of forcible oral sodomy, four counts of rape in the first degree, and one count of rape in the second degree.

Holtzclaw’s attorney argued that his victims weren’t credible, suggesting that the women (several of whom had previous drug and prostitution offenses) were less “perfect victims” and more “perfect accusers.”

The prosecution, meanwhile, argued that he’d used his badge to specifically exploit vulnerable women of color, including those who didn’t think they’d be believed because of their records.

Holtzclaw was arrested in August 2014 after a six-month investigation which began due to a complaint file by a 57-year-old grandmother named “J.L.” Most of Holtzclaw’s other victims that will be testifying against him had criminal records and were too intimidated to file reports against him for fear of retaliation or not being believed.

J.L. does not have a criminal record and does not live in the neighborhood where Holtzclaw typically stalked his victims. She happened to be driving through the area when she was pulled over. Prosecutors say Holtzclaw targeted the wrong woman. J.L.’s willingness to testify against him sparked the investigation which has prompted 12 more victims to come forward.

According to J.L., Holtzclaw pulled her over and made her lift her shirt and pull down her pants during a search. When he didn’t find anything illegal, J.L. claimed Holtzclaw unzipped his pants and directed her to give him oral sex.

After J.L. filed a report with the sex crimes division, detectives revisited an earlier complaint about an unidentified officer accused of assault. Oklahoma City detectives then used the department’s tracking software to evaluate Holtzclaw’s movements and identify more victims.

All of Holtzclaw’s victims were black women. The youngest was 17 years old when Holtzclaw allegedly raped her on her mother’s front porch. The majority of the victims had some kind of drug history, prostitution or warrants. Holtzclaw profiled vulnerable women with records assuming none would ever testify against him.


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