Crowdfunding Campaign To Support Victims of OKC Cult


In January 2016 a criminal and civil trial began in Brussels, Belgium against OKC and its founder Robert S. The trial is expected to last until the end of the month, if not longer and a ruling will be issued on March 30, 2016. OKC is a religious group that has maintained a presence in several European countries since the 1970’s, including France, Belgium, Portugal Spain and Greece.

Approximately twenty former members of OKC, most of whom were children raised in the group, are making claims against Spatz and are in need of funds to pay for legal fees and the cost of traveling to Brussels to testify in the ongoing trial. The children raised in the group suffered harsh living conditions, separation from their parents at a very young age (as early as 2 years old), and psychological, physical l and/or sexual abuse. Most of the children in the group were removed from school at age 14 and have struggled to find their footing after leaving the group in their adulthood.

This matter originated in 1997 after an investigation conducted jointly by the governments of Belgium and France. Many of the claimants were small children at the time and didn’t have the opportunity to be heard during the initial investigation.

The abusive activities of the group have continued during the 19-year delay between the investigation and trial of the case, and the former children of the group are now rallying and hoping to be heard after so many years of silence. However, OKC is (and has been for the past 19 years), represented by numerous lawyers who provide an aggressive defense to which we need to respond. Lawyers in Belgium will not take a case such as this one on contingency, thus we have established this request in the hope of obtaining sufficient funds to cover our attorney’s fees so that we will have an adequate representation in the case, in addition to covering travel fees for trial attendance.

In the unlikely event that we raise more money than needed to cover these costs, all remaining money will be donated to an organization that helps victims of religious cults, and/or victims of childhood physical or sexual abuse.

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