Crowdfunding Campaign: Support Refugees In Greece

Cars of Hope activist Vicky during a Cars Of Hope convoy in Sid, Serbia, in November 2015.

Cars of Hope activist Vicky during a Cars Of Hope convoy in Sid, Serbia, in November 2015.


On March 19th, people from Wuppertal and other German cities will travel to Greece to support refugees who are stuck there. To be able to do that, we need your help. We need money to travel to Greece, and to buy food, sanitary products, and medication for refugees.

This is the second time Cars of Hope Wuppertal has traveled the Balkan Route. In September 2015, René Schuijlenburg drove to Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia to support refugees. Shortly after, in October 2015, the first official Cars of Hope Wuppertal convoy took place. The volunteers supported refugees in Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia.

Because of a dramatic escalation that occured after the border between Greece and Macedonia (FYROM) was closed to refugees, about 30,000 people remain stuck in Greece. Many of them are on the Greek islands, in Athens, and in Idomeni.

Cars of Hope Wuppertal activist René Schuijlenburg says: “Personally I feel that Cars of Hope is now rather Cars of Anger. I am angry about the fences and barbed wire that exist along several EU borders. On top of that, there is now a German led NATO operation against refugees in the Aegean sea. War ships against rubber boats full of refugees, who fled from war in Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. This inhumane policy is a punishment against people who have to flee, who did nothing against us.”

The activists will also report about the situation of regugees again. Schuijlenburg: “We think its important that the world knows how refugees are treated in Europe, and of course we also want to give refugees the opportunity to tell their story by themselves.”

You can support us by donating on our crowdfunding campaign via Paypal or transfer money to our bank account:

Bank account owner: Sozialtal e.V.

Iban: DE80 3305 0000 0000 6968 49


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On March 13 there will be a charity flea market in Café Stil Bruch, Marienstr 58 in Wuppertal, Germany. The earnings will be used to finance our travel expences to Greece, and to buy food, sanitary products and medicine for refugees in Greece. After the flea market, there will be an open meeting and in the evening we will show a documentary that was made during a Cars of Hope Wuppertal convoy last year.

March 13, 2016, 14:00 CET: Charity flea market, Café Stil Bruch, Marienstraße 58, Wuppertal (Germany)

March 13 2016, 18:30 CET: Offenes Treffen Cars Of Hope, Café Stil Bruch, Marienstraße 58, Wuppertal (Germany)

March 13 2016: 20:30 CET: Film “Digging Holes in Fortress Europe,” Café Stil Bruch, Marienstraße 58, Wuppertal (Germany)

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