Crowdfunding Campaign to Rebuild the Can Vies Social Center in Barcelona


canviesinfoabendschwarzweissOn May 26, the social center Can Vies in Barcelona’s Sants district was evicted by police forces. As we reported protests continued after the eviction. After the city council started to demolish the building on May 27, even more people took the streets to protest against the eviction. After days of resistance, the city council of Barcelona announced the stop of the demolition on May 30. The People of Sants managed to successfully defend Can Vies. Now the social center is going to rebuild. On July 1 the autonomous center in Wuppertal, Germany is organising an info event. During the event activists of the autonomous center will also raise money, because the self-organised rebuilding of Can Vies will come at a high cost. The social center also needs funds to support the people who got arrested during the days of protests after the Can Vies eviction. There will be a discussion about what we can learn from the successful resistance in Barcelona.

The Can Vies social center was occupied in 1997, and because of its activities they have great support in the Sants district and beyond. As police forces stormed the social center it took them 6 hours to evict the building.  The police sealed off the area around Can Vies but immediately hundreds of people took the streets to protest against the eviction.

bcn27m_10In the evening hours there was a pot banging demonstration with several thousand people. After riot cops attacked this demo, people defended themselves by building barricades and setting trash cans and dumpsters on fire. Many people that live in the neighbourhood showed their solidarity by going on their balconies and making noise with pots and pans.

On May 27 the city council began to demolish parts of the evicted building. Immediately, spontaneous protests against the demolition started. A excavator that was used to demolish the building was set on fire. In the days that followed there were many protests, also in other cities. The police attacked some of the demonstrations and there were clashes as well, after people decided to defend themselves. On May 30 the city council gave up and announced that they will not demolish the rest of the building.

canviesaufbauIn the days after that, people joined forces to clean up all the rubbish from the part of the building that was already destroyed by the city council. The rebuilding of the Can Vies social center is a collective and participatory process. But because of the severe damage on the building, a lot of money is needed to rebuild Can Vies. About 40.000€ to rebuild the social center and another 30.000€ to support the people who got arrested during the days of protest. Can Vies started a crwodfunding campaign. More information about the campaignand how to donate is available at .

At the info event at the autonomous center in Wuppertal (Germany) on July 1, we want to show a few videos about Can Vies and also will to interview an activist from Barcelona by Skype. We will also discuss the success of the resistance against the eviction of Can Vies. As we reported earlier, the autonomous center in Wuppertal is under threat of eviction as well ( and and the question is, what can we learn from the struggle in Barcelona?

Info event #RefemCanVies: Rebuilding the social center Can Vies after it was successfully defended. What can we learn from the struggle in Barcelona? 

Tuesday July 1, 19:00 (07:00pmat the autonomous center (AZ) Wuppertal,  Markomannenstraße 3.

The event is part of the politics bar. The politics bar takes place every Tuesday at 19:00 (07:00pm) in the autonomous center (AZ) Wuppertal, Germany.

Poster in PDF Format to Download, print and spread: canviesinfoabendschwarzweiss

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