Crowdfunding campaign: Help independent media report from the ground


We have started a crowdfunding campaign to report from the ground about the situation of refugees in Greece. More than 25,000 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean sea between 2000 and 2015. This is a direct result of European Union (EU) border policies. Ferry and airline companies are prohibited from transporting visa-less refugees into the EU. In the summer of 2015, many people began their journey to northern or western Europe on the so-called Balkan route.

Independent journalist René Schuijlenburg has reported on the ground from the Balkan route twice now, and shown through his reports that refugees are routinely locked up and beaten by police in EU states. He produced a video using hidden cameras in refugee camps along the Balkan route, as it was forbidden to film in most camps. René works mostly for Revolution News and Enough is Enough.

Rene recently uncovered a shocking video of a racist mob blocking a bus with refugees in Clausnitz, Germany into mainstream media, and by spreading it video among various German and international networks. He made it go viral, with hundreds of thousands of viewers on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Rene also reports on anti-austerity protests from the ground in Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, and Spain. He also provides daily updates about racist attacks against refugee shelters in Europe, and about protests against growing racism in Germany and abroad.

Independent journalist Colin Ward reports for independent German news outlets like Anarch Antifa. He reports in German and has joined René on other occasions so to give live reports from the ground in 2 languages simultaneously.

Rene and Colin need to continue their work, and be able to report from the ground more often. Their next mission will be to report on refugees who are stuck in Greece, after many Balkan countries and Austria slowed down the influx of refugees into their countries. Activists want to report from the ground to bring you the news as it happens via articles, livestreams and live-tweets. Your donation will allow us to get representatives of alternative media on the ground by donating and sharing our link.

René on the Balkan route in Gornja, Radgona (Slovenia) November 2015.

René on the Balkan route in Gornja, Radgona (Slovenia) November 2015.

An independent activist journalist perspective is actually more accurate than reports from biased human rights observers who are tied to NGOs. Unfortunately, despite their best intentions, many of these NGO workers are tied to certain agreements which do not allow them to talk about certain things, or prevent them from showing certain videos as they must play by the rules of Balkan states. Independent journalists are able to offer something completely different – a look inside these refugee camps and the horrors which are inflicted on people who are already fleeing violence.

Rene reporting live from Salzburg, Austria in November 2015.

Rene reporting live from Salzburg, Austria in November 2015.

To be able to report about the refugee situation in Greece from the ground they need €2.900,00 . René Schuijlenburg says: “We want to make better quality videos with hidden cameras. To be able to do this we are asking you to support us with €1270,00 for 2 cameras and accessories.” Schuijlenburg added: “Of course we will also report from Greece if we don’t collect the €1270,00 for the camera equipment, but it would be much more dangerous to record videos with a hidden camera with our normal video equipment.”  If we receive more money than we need we will use this money for future reports from the ground.


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