Croatian & Slovenian Activists Met to Cut Border Fence


“If we were to consider it normal to have a barbed wire fence at the border today, what would be normal tomorrow” – activist

Image via Novilist

Image via Novilist

Activists from Croatia and Slovenia met up on their border to cut a section of the razor wire fence that’s been erected to block refugees from crossing.

The first joint Croatian-Slovenian wire cutting was organized by Workers Front to raise awareness of what they consider uncivilized.

After the Slovenes arrived and presented themselves as “wire busters”, final agreements were made. The leader brought with him photographs of the border zone near Nedelišće. With pen in hand, he showed where everybody should stand, where the cars would be parked and how to behave in case the border police arrives. The journalists were once again asked not to publish the names of participants and photos of their faces. The reason was clear: the whole intervention was actually illegal. But, the Workers’ Front and Slovenian activists have decided to follow the motto: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty.” – read more at Total Croatia News

Slovenia began erecting the now 140 km or 87 mile razor wire fence to keep refugee families out in November 2015.

For refugees heading to Central and Northern Europe, the Balkan route has been of upmost importance. Anarchist Radio Berlin ( talked to two anarchists from Slovenia about the situation in the Balkans, their work with the refugees and the perspectives of this struggle beyond humanitarian actions. Listen Below – English

Hungary closed it’s border with Croatia in October of 2015 and began building it’s own razor wire border fence, blocking the major route for refugee travel to Europe at the time. The number of people arriving to Slovenia through Croatia in November increased into the thousands at times nightly/weekly, prompting the Slovenian government to call in the military.

An independent media team managed to secretly film inside the Dobova refugee camp in Slovenia at the end of October. People are kept caged with little to no protection from the weather.

Inside the Dobova refugee camp in Slovenia - End of October 2015

Inside the Dobova refugee camp in Slovenia – End of October 2015

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